VOIP = Voice over Internet Protocol – still as wise? what about:-

VOB = Voice over Broadband – getting warmer? what about:-

IT = Internet Telephone /Internet Telephony? maybe.

VOIP isn’t new, it’s been around for years but it’s all grown up now 🙂

Basically VOIP (call it what you may) routes your telephone calls through the Internet. Skype is one method but usually the most successful is to use am Internet Telephone.

Advantage 1. Low or no cost telephone calls

Advantage 2. Route your mobile calls and txt through the Internet for cost savings.

Advantage 3. Poor mobile signal? Use VOIP to route calls and txt through the Internet.

Advantage 4. Business users. You can have 100’s of “phone lines” for less than the cost of one BT landline.

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