Brexit (maybe) What a Shambles!

Here we are some 10 months since the public voted to leave the EU and a lot has happened but it’s been mainly Bremainers trying to stop Brexit. Article 50 has now been invoked, much to the chagrin of the Bremainers and in theory it cannot be reversed but the back stabbing undemocratic Bremainers are still trying. I’m not sure what these pill*cks don’t understand about #Freedom, #Independence and #Democracy but they compare well to the Ludites and can’t see the “Whats best for MOST of the people” element. It would seem the 40 odd years of lies, deceit and bullsh*t have convinced a small minority of people (a lot less than 52%) to think that the EU is a good thing . If it’s so good why do we have poverty and homelessness ! If it’s so good why are people risking their lives to live in Britain!

The news that Teressa May has now announced a general election for 8 June is somewhat a bit of a bombshell. After a lot of thought, it can be seen that it probably is a good decision (tactically) and not a “bottled it” decision. A General Election would, in theory, put a Gov in place that most of the people want and any negotiations would for the benefit of most of the people. The people have voted for Brexit, not a half in half out job but those that don’t accept #democracy, #Freedom and #Independence are still trying to prevent Brexit; for their own selfish gains. The current Gov seem to acknowledge that 17M + people can become quite a large angry mob so  they (the Gov) have to be seen to be doing what the people voted for but it isn’t really what the current Gov (or more correctly the puppet masters) apparently want!

The surprise election has now made things a complete shambles. General elections are to sort out the “problems at home”, things like NHS, poverty, homelessness, etc but now voters are basically being asked to decide on Brexit along with the “home issues”. Some would say that only having 2 choices (leave or remain) was confusing enough so how the hell is the nation to decide with all the other issues to consider! Maybe the EU Mafia is flexing it’s muscles!

It would seem that the only party intent on getting us out of the EU is UKIP but their manifesto is literally scary and quite possibly verging on “Nazi” idealogy! The Tories appear to be (publicly) mostly in favour of getting us out of the EU but they will continue to destroy the NHS and make the poor poorer, they don’t really have a good track record when it comes to getting rid of poverty and homelessness and it seems that they are only looking after the interests of the wealthy; nothing new there then! The labour party seem to want to comply with the wishes of the nation but it would be a half arsed effort where we don’t really come out of the EU. Their “commitment” to reducing poverty and homelessness does seem to be worth voting for but their position on leaving the EU is very fuzzy. JC changes his mind more than Pinocchio ever did but (in principle) Labour will supposedly protect the NHS and reduce poverty and homelessness (not sure if reduce means “have a poke and then leave it alone”). I think it’s mostly hot air and they are trying to appeal to a larger audience. Their track record isn’t something to be revered!

The DimDems, well the less said the better 🙂 The DimDems are the joker of the pack, right?

All the others are just vote diluters!

As I see it, the election boils down to “non of the above“, although there a few MPs worth voting for!

Until we get an election system that  represents what most of the people  (e.g. 85+ %) want, we are not going to get very far. The current system is designed for a 2 horse race so that means that whichever party becomes the elected Gov, they will still represent a minority unless there is a complete landslide but don’t hold your breath. ONLY 72% of people of eligible voters voted in the referendum, it was a very important vote and only had 2 options, leave or remain. It’s likely that the turn out in the impending general election will be a lot less than 72% and we’ll continue to have an “elected” government that doesn’t represent MOST of the PEOPLE!

Top executives in the NHS get paid £100,00’s, top executives in large corporations get paid £m’s, MPs (Cabinet Ministers) get paid a mere pittance by comparison and they “run” the country! I’m not suggesting that we should pay politicians more, I’m just making a point. Things don’t add up, top “executives” in the “establishment get paid more than the PM so are general elections just more theatre and it doesn’t really matter who “gets in”!

I still keep in mind that the handful of people who own most of the land (land ownership is another topic) and have the most wealth are the ones that “RUN” the country and influence the “Establishment”. The rest of us are mere pissants that generate the wealth for the small minority of wealthy.

At the last count, there are 8 Billionaires in the UK and I’m aware of only 3 that have voiced their opinion about Brexit. 2 are all for it (They make things and generally benefit the Nation) and one is against it (He’s just a salesman that has sold his soul to the money people) and he doesn’t even live in the UK any more (he has his own island but it doesn’t stop him from trying to undermine #Democracy). The other 5 seem to be playing their cards close to their chests!

Baring in mind that politics is just theatre (politicians say one thing in public and do the opposite in private), “plan A” and “plan B” would have been carefully considered (by the establishment) before offering a referendum. It is possible that the Brexit vote was a surprise and that plans for it were a little fuzzy but in the main, the Gov (or the “establishment”) know roughly what the plan is. At the end of the day, if the rich & wealthy decide we should no longer be part of the EU; we will leave! We are in this situation because most of the nation have been apathetic for 40+ years.

The surprising result seems to have caught people off-guard, it certainly wasn’t the expected outcome. David Cameron (a.k.a. Pinocchio)  resigned and left the job of getting out of Europe to others! The referendum was offered and when 17 million people (surprisingly) voted to leave the EU, the Gov has then got to be seen to be doing what the people want; which may or may not be what the wealthy want. The EU gravy train is something that a few politicians seem to have got their plans on becoming part of to see if they can “do a Kinnock”. Brexit kills those aspirations so it’s understandable that some politicians are a little (lot) miffed and seem to be doing everything possible to thwart Brexit.

Britain has fought 2 world wars and lost millions of lives defending #Independence #Freedom #Democracy but mainly due to apathy, we have allowed politicians to give away our #Independence #Freedom #Democracy and have allowed ourselves to be controlled by an undemocratic bunch of despots, namely the EC (European Commission).

It seems that a lot of Bremainers are more concerned with their own situation and basically don’t give a sh*t about what’s good for most of the nation and then you have the ones that don’t actually know the difference between geographical Europe and the idealistic political “Europe” (union). It beggars believe that the Bremainers don’t want #Independence #Freedom #Democracy because it’s a scary situation.

Britain was once a great nation, a leader in technology, science and engineering but what do we have now? Basically we have a nation of shop keepers and shoppers. We do have small pockets of leaders in technology, science and engineering but not enough to put the “great” back into Britain.

Brexit, if we ever escape, is full of opportunities to trade with THE WORLD and yes after 40+ years of “dictatorship”, lies and deception it’s a bit of a “Brave new world”. Hopefully the Bremainers will put their brains into gear and help to make Britain Great again but with the likes of #Warmonger Blair, brain-dead billionaires and the DimDems; it’s going to be an uphill struggle.

A general election is the last thing we need, it’s just another smokescreen to delay or prevent Brexit. What a shambles!

The current Gov are making all the right noises about Brexit but once more they have thrown the towel in, at least Art 50 has been implemented! Yes, a Gov with 100% commitment to Brexit is desirable but it seems that the existing Gov don’t have the balls to carry it through.  From social media postings, it seems the impending election is more about getting rid of the Tories but it really ought to be about getting a Gov that will take us out of the EU and help put the “Great” back into Britain; what a complete and utter shambles! Obviously by design!

I honestly don’t know who to vote for. I’m very much in favour of Brexit but I’m also very much in favour of getting rid of poverty and homelessness so the vote is going to be like throwing a dart while blindfolded. We really need a Non of the above box to tick.