8th June 2017

Probably a date that will go down in the history books! It is supposed to be a General Election, where we (the public) choose a government but it isn’t a “normal” General Election!

Why are we having a General Election 2 yrs early?
Are the Tories doing everything they can to delay or prevent Brexit?
Who can lead us out of the EU and work toward a better Britain for all?

In theory, we are having a General Election 2 years early to make sure we (the people) have a government that are Pro Brexit and to give the Gov a better bargaining status with our exit from the EU! This is because the current Gov don’t have a “single minded” party.  To me, that is Bollox! The nation has democratically voted (using a system for a 2 horse race) to leave the EU, this appears to have been an unexpected result and the current Tory Gov appear to be running round like headless chickens. Pinocchio (Cameron) threw the towel in and didn’t want anything to do with leaving the EU. Of the two likely candidates to replace Pinocchio, one (very Pro Brexit) was taken out of the running which left us with the current PM. She has spent several years dividing Britain and was a Pro Remainer (along with Corbyn) but is now making all the right noises about getting out of the EU because it is what the people have voted to do. Calling a General Election seems to be another way to escape the task of taking us out of the EU! We are constantly bullsh*tted about the “difficult Negotiations” ahead of us to leaving the EU but :-

a. The nation voted to leave, end of discussion and negotiations.

b. Article 50 has been invoked (and in theory cannot be revoked,) no negotiations needed. A date has been set when we leave and we will pay our “dues” up to that date, end of!

c. There’s nothing to negotiate about leaving the EU, the decision has been made!

There’s plenty to negotiate about our relationship with the EU after Brexit but after Brexit we’ll have access to the World and not just Europe. We’ll be Independent and have our Country back. Several countries have shown great interest in trading with us on a FTA basis.  It is likely that Germany will want us to continue to buy approx a fifth of the cars they produce. It’s very likely that France and Italy will want us to buy their wines and electrical goods and the same can be said about all the other stuff we import from Europe (by comparison, Europe don’t buy much from us) . Yes there will be some negotiating to do about other things but in principle they need us more than we need them! There are some concerns about UK nationals continuing to live in the EU after Brexit. IMO, its unlikely that EU countries hosting UK nationals would want to remove a cash cow from their economy! There is some concern about EU nationals living and working in the UK but when we are free of the EC/EU, we make the rules! EU and other nationals that are working, contributing to the economy and not a cost to the system should have no fears and the same goes for Brits living and working in Europe.

As I see it, we’re having a General Election because no one in the current Gov has the balls the see it (Brexit) through but more importantly, the General Election is a means to confuse the issue. We now have all the usual bollox of what each party is offering and non of them seem to be mentioning Brexit (as a main topic) apart from the Dim Dems who are trying to undermine #Democracy and are intent on another referendum but they are the joker in the pack, at least their leader is!

Labour have some pretty convincing policies with regard to poverty, homelessness and general appeal to “most” of the people but their policy on Brexit is a “watered down” version (as I see it). IMO, there is no hard or soft Brexit; it’s just Brexit, a clean break #Freedom #Independence #Democracy. This is really a clean break from the clutches of the EC, we ought to still be able to trade (on a free trade  agreement) with our European neighbours but the EC mafia don’t want that unless we line their pockets with gold!

IMO, the only thing you can be sure of is that the politicians are making promises to do this and do that but if they are elected; they’ll find reason to back pedal and change their minds so as usual the promises will just be hot air and that is based on over 40 years of experience!

It’s a pity there isn’t a “Nobody” box to tick! The best we can hope for is a coalition with no majorities. We all need to vote but who you going to choose? Unless there is some miracle landslide and one party gets 70 or 80% of the votes, the elected party will NOT be what most of the people want. The current voting system is for a 2 horse race so it’s not difficult to see why the elected party won’t be what most of the people want. Do some numbers, the first hurdle is getting a decent turn out; IMO, anything less than 95% is a waste of time (it ought to be a legal requirement to vote!)

The referendum was a very important vote and all we could only muster was a turn out of 72% with only a choice of Remain or Leave. With all the verbal diarrhea around at the moment, whats the likelihood of getting anything close to a 72% turn out?  I’d be surprised if it was much more than 60%.

There are more than 2 parties to vote for, which means that the votes will be spread across the parties and from that there will be a “Winner” but it won’t be what most of the people want – unless one party get upwards of 70/75% of the votes and the turn out is at least 90%

Such is Democracy, it’s crap but its the best we have!

40 years ago the politicians lied to us and we became members of the “Common Market”, which to be fair had merit but over the years the politicians have continued to lie and deceive us and without anyone noticing; we became members of the EU. A political ideology run by un-elected despots intent on conquering the World! Over the past 40 years, the politicians have given away our #Freedom and #Independence  and have allowed the country to be bought by foreign investment companies etc. The rich have got richer and poverty has gradually become worse, which means that we now have more homeless people and more people relying on soup kitchens and food banks, it isn’t all the Tories fault! Apathy is the biggest cause, followed by allowing banks and financial institutions to “dominate” the “establishment”. Another big factor is greed by the large companies not re-investing into the business and ignoring the “fair days wage for a fair days work” element. It  is paramount that the relationship between employer and employee should always be mutually beneficial. CEOs being paid £M every year (even if the company isn’t achieving) while the employees carrying out the essence of the business are paid peanuts and have to rely on tax credits etc is NOT mutually beneficial!

For the past 40+ yrs politicians have lied to us and deceived us, greedy business bosses have failed to re-invest, “bolshy” trade unionists and above all, apathy have got us into the situation we are in; time for a change!

We now don’t make much steel, we import it and we certainly don’t mine coal of any significance. Manufacturing is virtually non existent, we’ve become a nation of shopkeepers and shoppers. We no longer have a canal transport system, the rail system is almost non existent for goods, we have European 40 ton Juggernauts ripping up our motorways delivering goods that we used make ourselves but somehow we’re still one of the wealthiest nations. It’s just unfortunate that those with the wealth are only a handful of people. Most of the people are not wealthy and if they are lucky can just about make it to the next pay day and that’s with having 2 jobs!

I’ve absolutely no idea who I will vote for, it’ll probably be a “close my eyes and stick a pin in” job and it won’t really matter because nothing will change! Whoever “gets in”, it’ll be the same poison but (possibly) in a different packet! Politicians are merely puppets, the people that “run” the country are the few people who have the most wealth and “own” most of the land. It’s time for a change, it’s time for the people (who generate the wealth) to take control and not give any “power” to the politicians.