Replaced the Hot Tub

OK, not really IT related but people who work in IT need to relax and forget about “the job” from time to time and getting into a tub full of hot water with optional bubbles is a brilliant way of relaxing. There are other ways that involve buying chocolates and flowers but the Tub is a lot less complicated 🙂

Our original tub, in the garden, needed repairing so we took the opportunity to get a new one. Having learned a lot about Hot Tubs over the past couple of years, we knew what to look for. I’ve got to say that we are not disappointed with our new tub. Its more square than round and the “power unit” is separate instead of being integral to the tub. It has a more powerful circulating pump which means the filter seems to work better and strangely, it heats up quicker. The new tub is a NetSpa Aspen and was purchased from Galaxy Living  Who are one of the most friendly and helpful companies I’ve come across on the ‘net. The customer service is unparalleled, you know they are going to look after you.

I can hear people saying it’s an inflatable, a deep paddling pool and its not a proper hot tub and they are right in the first two but so wrong about it not being a proper hot tub; it is. It heats water to 42 deg C (if you want) and it has bubbles. OK it doesn’t have hydro jets but it’s the hot water that does the job!

Running costs are not bad. it takes about an hour to raise the temp by 1 deg C but in warmer weather it might go up by 1.5 dec C (or more) every hour. There is a 2 deg difference so whatever you set it at, it will only drop about 2 degrees before heating up again. On average, it will drop about 7 deg over a a 12 hour period if the heat is turned off. That’s provided you use a good thermal blanket when not in use.

Have a look at my blog on hot tub maintenance at PC JUDO

I actually fancy one of those “Canadian Style” wooden hot tubs, heated by a log burning stove but sitting in hot water is just bliss and so relaxing.