United Europe v European Union

A United Europe should be every Europeans desire because it should mean that we are all friends and allies. We all have our own customs and “way of doing things”; being United doesn’t mean we have to adopt the customs and “way of doing things” of our neighbours. We still remain independent countries but help each other, like good neighbours do. Hopefully we share information and knowledge for the benefit of us all. Hopefully this friendship is extended to the rest of the world and we all help each other and accept our differences.

Europe is a geographical description and the United Kingdom (UK, a.k.a. Britain) is a collective of England, Scotland, Wales and part of Ireland.  All 4 countries have differences in culture and the “way they do things” and all have their own language but “English” has become the defacto standard language. In principal each country has its own “parliament” but overall Britain is “ruled” by the English parliament and each of the 3 other countries have a seats in Westminster. It isn’t a perfect solution but England has the larger population!

The “European Union” (EU) is a political ideology (being kind here) that is worlds apart from a United Europe. In principle, the EU is ruled by the un-elected EC (European Commission) who appear to want to remove the identity of each of the member countries, this has largely been achieved by insisting on “open borders” and it’s likely that they will ultimately want to fudge the identity of each the countries to enable the title “European Union” to be fitting.

In addition to the EC, we also have a European Parliament (EP) which is basically redundant because each country has its own elected parliament and we don’t need another level of bureaucrats and pen pushers feeding from the public purse! It is patently obvious that the EC have intentions to negate the parliaments of each of the member states and may even have designs on negating the need for each country to have an elected leader because why would we need them in a European Union! The EU is not about “Friends and Allies”, it’s more about domination and dictatorship! The #EC is self-serving and benefits only the EC, any benefits to member states is purely coincidental.

The EU currently has 28 member “States” and all have their own language and “way of doing things” so it’s basically tantamount to stupidity to think that we could all live in harmony with each other without accepting the differences in culture, language and “the way we do things”.  The EU have a desire to enforce a “common” language and ignore “the way each country does things”. If it gets away with its goals, the EU would become a situation where we are all assimilated into one “way of doing things”, all speak the same language and all have a “common culture” where we all lose our identity.

We have fought 2 world wars and millions have gave their lives in the name of #Freedom, #Independence and #Democracy but over the past 40 years or so, we have allowed politicians to give away our #Freedom and #Independence, apparently in the name of peace. What a load of bollox! The politicians have lied to us, deceived us and generally made fools of us all. It would seem that several politicians have ambitions to get on the EU gravy train to fill their pockets and this is made possible by being “servants” (a.k.a. Faggots, that lick the boots and generally do whatever the “masters” decree) of the EC. They have got away with it because of Apathy!

About 40 years ago, we joined the “Common Market” which did have merit. Then it was hi jacked and became the EU while everyone had their eye off the ball. Yes we should blame the politicians but most of the blame is on the nations for being apathetic and not stopping the rise of the EC; who are nothing more than a mafia and dictatorship.

Not by coincidence, we do have some benefits to being members of the EU but these are mainly concessions to make sure we “comply”. The EC is a black widow spider and exists only for its own benefit.

People of all nations are waking up and smelling the coffee! The EU as we know it, is a sinking ship with no lifeboats and the EC can’t stop it. Their “power” is dwindling as more people are waking up and realising that “power” is a delusion that needs to be accepted for it to work! The #EC need to be laughed out of existence, they don’t really have any “power”, it’s the people who have the “power”; they just need to stop being apathetic.

The workers of all nations are the people that produce the wealth and are the ones with “real power”. We should all be working toward a “United World” where we all benefit mutually and we share the world and share the wealth and we remove despots and dictators for the mutual benefit of all.

Peace should be the defacto standard and all nations should accept each others differences and actively promote “Individuality”; which is the largest minority group! We are all individuals!

A United Europe would be a situation where each European country is tolerant of each others differences and would embrace the fact that we are all different. The common goal would be peace and the willingness to trade freely with each other and share information for the benefit of all.

A United Europe would be a situation where poverty and homelessness are non existent and the wealth is shared.

The EC is nothing more than a club for despots and dictators that does NOT serve the best interests of most of the people! The EC is a cancer and is nothing more than a parasite that drains the life out of the people.