Invisible Army

Todays world is 24/7, it doesn’t stop or rest! The invisible army of Engineers, Technicians, skilled and un-skilled workers all have to carry out maintenance work, to keep “the world” running! This is a bit of challenge because there isn’t really any “out of hours” periods but the maintenance still has to be done.

For the typical 9 to 5 workers, “out of hours” is after 6pm so some maintenance work can be done between 6pm and say 8am on a local time basis; without any interruption with “production”. A lot of businesses can’t afford to be “closed for business” for 12 or 16 hours a day and in many cases the businesses are 24/7 by their nature.

When it comes to “Internet” related maintenance, there is never an “out of hours” period, it quite literally is 24/7 so some essential maintenance does give some “downtime” but due to the skill of the engineers, this minimal.

What about the National Grid, Water suppliers, gas suppliers, Waste water treatment, rubbish removal, road and rail maintenance and even parcel deliveries, not forgetting the army of HGV drivers delivering everything to shops? All the people employed in these “businesses” have skills ranging from low-skilled to very highly skilled and they are the “Invisible Army” which is essential to keep the world running.

A special mention to the army of people employed by the NHS, They just get on with what needs doing, doctors, nurses and don’t forget the cleaners, the porters and all the other “house keeping” staff.

Generally speaking, people not employed in these businesses would not be able to do their own jobs without the Invisible Army and generally the world would be back in the “dark ages”! Strangely, most of the Invisible Army are not among the highly paid! Even more strangely, the people that are employed to do jobs that we can manage quite well without; seem to be among the most highly paid!

So what happened to “Teamwork” ?

The Internet, which is the backbone of modern communications and encompasses things like email, txt, voice calls (using cell phones or land line), WWW and “cloud services”, features highly in the modern world; without it a lot of businesses wouldn’t be able to work, in this modern world.

On a personal level, switching a light on, opening the tap on the sink and being able to get a glass of clean wholesome water, picking up your (smart) phone and being able to txt, email or actually speak to the person sitting next to you; doesn’t happen by “magic” or even “smoke n mirrors”. The Invisible Army make it possible!

Imagine a world (if you can) with no running water from the tap, no electricity at the touch of a switch, no sanitation workers to dispose of human waste, no rubbish disposal workers, no politicians (OK we can manage without those,) no hospitals, no NHS!

Before you go to sleep at night, give a thought to the Invisible Army; who make your life easier while you sleep! Try not to have nightmares about the millions of workers (including the Invisible Army) who generate the wealth for the handful of rich people; who don’t really contribute anything of value to the nation!

Peace & prosperity to all.