March 29 2019 11pm, what will happen?

What SHOULD happen is that we will no longer be part of the EU but there’s a lot of people trying every trick in the book to undermine democracy. Over the years politicians have sold us down the river and have given away our Country and freedom to a bunch of despots. The referendum clearly shows that a lot (but not most) of the people have had enough of being dictated to by a bunch of unelected despots.

But will things change after March 29th 2019? Maybe! If we get a clean Brexit, things might be difficult for a short while but ultimately we can start putting the great back into Britain. It’s unlikely that we can turn the clock back to 1973 but free from the EC despots, we will have our independence back, our freedom and if we get a clean break, it will demonstrate that democracy is working. To read more of my thoughts and why it’s likely that we will still be tied to the EU after 29th March 2019, hop over to brexit-an-the-95-november-2018

Money talks!