The #EC is a cancer

The EC is an engulfing cancer that has inflicted serious harm on the peoples of Europe. The cesspit of corruption is headed up by unelected “failed politicians“. The parasitical EC has sucked the life out of the EU member states and is now a “Sinking Ship”, that is taking on water and the bilge pump is full of sh*t. The EC is nothing more than a con job that has survived by corruption and feeding the greed of a few people.

The sole purpose of the EC appears to be to work toward world domination and/or a world government that makes the governments of all countries redundant. It’s likely that the new “world leaders” won’t be “elected by the people”; in the same way that the EC Presidents are not elected by the people.

A “United Europe” is very desirable, all European countries being united in a desire for peace. All countries being friends and allies, trading freely between themselves; each country retaining their identity and their own way of doing things. Each country having it’s own government and control of it’s borders and laws.

The “European Union“, headed up by unelected despots, is something quite different but sounds similar! The “European Union” (EU) is the opposite of a “United Europe”! It literally “unites / merges” the EU member states with the ultimate goal of each country losing its identity and way of doing things. It has a “common” currency and it’s own “parliament”. The EU is a “foreign power” controlled by the EC and the “token” European Parliament. The EC has 5 (unelected by the people) presidents  and currently all 5 Presidents are “failed politicians” who were basically sacked by their country of origin. Our membership of the EU is basically illegal under the “British constitution“. The British people were never asked (by way of referendum) if we wanted to join the EU, we were only asked if we wanted to remain members of the EEC (Common Market), which was hi-jacked and became the EU!

The EU has nothing in common with a “United Europe”, the EC are a parasitical cancer that feeds on corruption and the greed of the few. A “United Europe” is a benevolent relationship between the countries of Europe, where we help each other, share cultures and trade freely in a mutually beneficial manner.

Every country of the EU have EC maggots, suitably placed to spread the EC cancer. The cancer is invasive and has affected several people in “influential” positions, which include “high ranking” civil servants, politicians and business leaders. Unfortunately, it has also infiltrated the education system. People who were born less than 40 years ago, only know about the “current” membership of the EU and think this is “normal”!

The younger generation don’t appear to know that Britain was once a leader in science, engineering and technology and have spread the “Democratic principals” around the world! Britain once had an Empire and was indeed Great Britain. Britain was a major player in the grand scheme of things but this situation has been eroded by corrupt politicians and corrupt wealthy / greedy people; pretty much the same situation as the Roman Empire!

The EC (a foreign power) appear to be trying to emulate the “British Empire” but want to go that step further and dominate the world. The cancer is deeply embedded by stealth, using corruption and feeding the greed of the few but “The People” are waking up and smelling the coffee. The EU con job is being exposed and is now basically a sinking ship. If Britain manage to escape the EU and regain Freedom, Independence and democracy; other countries will follow. Even if Britain doesn’t escape from the cancer, the EU is in melt down. The German, French, Italy and Greece “economies” are in tatters and the EU will continue to “take on water” and ultimately sink. The EC cancer parasite is killing the host! The EC is trying it’s best to survive by getting the maggots to undermine democracy, the EC need the money from Britain but Britain can manage quite well without the EU/EC; we didn’t need them before and we ceratinly don’t need them now.

Freedom, Independence and Democracy are priceless!

People who continually try to undermine democracy, should be rounded up and DEPORTED with minimal belongings. They are “undesirables” who don’t pledge allegiance to the British flag! Their wealth and belongings should be seized and shared out among the poor and needy.