Democracy, an Illusion?

It seems that some people think that democracy means “if others don’t agree with me, I will do everything possible get my way; even if it means keep voting until I (the minority) get the result I want”!

The UK (Britain ) has apparently led the way in democracy and has helped spread it around the world. However, it would seem that democracy is an illusion, created by mind games! Based on the events over the past 2 years or so, Britain falls short of demonstrating that it has a working democracy. Differences of opinion are fine but when a democratic vote is taken and a majority is decided upon, that should be the end of any arguments or discussion. Those that don’t accept democracy and try to undermine the democratic vote, should be deported as undesirables; they have no place in a democratic society.

It is incredulous that we have so many elected members who have openly done and are still doing everything possible to undermine democracy. They may, in some cases, be still trying to go along with what their constituents want BUT a democratic vote was taken. If the elected members don’t want to accept democracy, they should stand down; there is no place for them in a democratic nation.

Maybe we need to redefine democracy for it to work but I daresay we will always have those that don’t really agree with democracy, unless they are part of the majority.

Democracy is about “numbers”. In its current form, it uses the 51% rule e.g. 51% is more than 50% but if democracy was re-defined and used “MOST OF” instead of “MORE THAN”, a majority would then need to be 75 – 80 % of the votes and that is a proper majority; no if or buts 75% – 80% of the votes mean that “MOST OF” the people who voted are of a similar mind.

In a group of 100 people, 60 people of the same mind is more than half but its only just over half, it could be argued that 60 out of 100 isn’t really most of.  70 out of 100 people is just about most of and 80 is definitely most of. For democracy to work, the numbers need to be right and most of the people need to be in agreement; 75 out 100 should be the minimum for a majority.

With regard to Brexit. Of those that voted, the majority was 52% LEAVE to 48% Remain so it isn’t surprising that the losers are doing everything possible to undermine the democratic vote. It could be argued that it’s pretty much 50/50 but 52% is more than 48%.

28% didn’t vote (for whatever reason) and have to accept that they “go along with the majority”. Those who actually voted to remain are approx 34% – of those eligible to vote! Unfortunately Westminster seems to be a cesspit of greed and corruption, with many members of “the establishment”, elected members and the Lords thinking that they know and are better than “the people” or realising that not being in the EU means their dodgy deals won’t be as easy.

The referendum was clearly notified and people were advised that this was a very important “peoples vote”. It gave the opportunity for “postal” and “proxy” votes so anyone who didn’t vote was either not mentally fit or they weren’t interested and were happy to go along with the majority.

Some of those that didn’t vote or who voted to remain, may have been confused by the concept of Freedom, Independence and Democracy because it’s not something we’ve not seen much of for the past 30 or 40 years.The people aged 40 or younger in 2016 haven’t experienced life before EEC or EU and voting to remain was basically a “Status Quo” because they didn’t really understand why we needed to leave. On the other hand the people who voted to leave (including those aged 40 or less) were mostly aware that leaving the EU would give us back our Freedom and Independence and allow us to control our borders and make our own laws. In addition it would mean that we are free from the unelected despots of the EC – who are all failed politicians, in their own country of birth.

If we continue to be part of the EU, we will lose our identity and will become “just another state (not Country) within the EU”. The EU will continue to be controlled by the EC; who are a bunch of despots intent on world domination. The EC are trying to create a “Super State”, with the ultimate goal of world domination and is likely “controlled” by the likes of Soros and the Rothchilds!

Back in the early 1970s, we apparently had a referendum about staying in the EEC (Common Market); I don’t remember it or if I even voted because back then politics wasn’t on my agenda. It’s likely that those aged 40 or less today have a better understanding of politics now than I did back in the 1970s,  we didn’t have computers or the Internet back then. Back then I wasn’t aware that Westminster was a cesspit of greed and corruption and I certainly wasn’t aware that politicians would be happy to give away our country to a “foreign power”. The 1970s referendum apparently showed a majority of staying in the EEC but the EEC was hijacked and became the EU. There wasn’t a referendum to ask the people if they wanted to join the EU and this is in contravention of the “Constitution”, which means our membership of the EU is illegal and any monies we have paid to the EC should be returned. The politicians who signed agreements, which gave away out country to a “foreign power” should be imprisoned for acts of treason.

With regard to general elections, the government is, in theory, elected by the people for the people and should be elected by most of the people 75% is most of the people; 75% is a clear and decisive majority but it must be 75% of ALL the people (who are ilegible to vote)!

The current election system is designed for a 2 horse race and is basically adequate for elections where the choice is one of two but still fails when it comes to the “most of the people” bit. When the elections are truly about voting for “A” or “B” and the “75% rule” is applied, there can be no arguments; whoever got 75% is the clear winner; even if you don’t agree!

In the case of the general elections, it is mostly more than a “2 horse race”. The “75% rule” could still be applied but it is unlikely to ever happen; unless there is one party that has a “landslide” of voters. On top of that we have a system that uses the “number of seats” (based on the the number of seats in parliament, currently 650) which means that whoever becomes PM is rarely  (if ever) the person chosen by the people.

With regard to Brexit, it seems that a high number of the 650 MPs want to remain in the EU; regardless of what their constituents want. Of those MPs that want to remain, quite a few have been identified as “self serving with a conflict of interest” e.g. they have “dealings” that might be negatively affected by not being part of the EU and it is these people that are doing their best to undermine democracy. It would seem that the rest don’t appear to think that #Freedom #Independence #Democracy are things that should be fought for; they appear to ignore the fact that millions of people gave their lives in 2 world wars and those that fought and survived but had terrible injuries; were fighting for #Peace #Freedom, #Independence #Democracy.

People that are “legitimately” allowed to vote should be legally required to vote, with heavy fines and/or imprisonment if they don’t.

Spoilt votes would automatically be assigned to the majority, based on the assumption that people who spoil their vote are happy to “go along” with the majority.  A “nobody” box would be a good option, as this would indicate the “thinking” of “the people”; in that if there was a lot of votes for “nobody”, it would indicate the level of confidence in the current offerings. In this case a coalition government would be formed and all parties would have an equal amount of seats but the PM would be decided by an extra vote by the people; maybe a choice of 2 or 3 candidates. The PM would be the one chosen by at least 75% of the people and the PM would have the “deciding factor” in day to day government business.

The “Nobody” option would have to be treated differently to “spoilt votes”. Voters actively choosing “Nobody”, indicates a “No Confidence” in the current offerings of politicians standing and if the number of votes for “Nobody” was over 30%; it is clear that a 75% majority could not be achieved. In this case, we either offer different candidates or we form a coalition (of politicians that don’t have the confidence of the people) where the PM is elected by the people on a separate election.

People who are mentally incapable of voting should be excluded from the legal requirement to vote e.g. People who are not considered mentally fit enough to “make a will” would be a good test. Old age is not an automatic exemption, there are many “old people” that are still mentally agile and in some cases they would surpass those of a younger age. Older people have life experience and have generally gained knowledge and, hopefully, wisdom from the “university of life”.

Where a general election fails to achieve a 75% majority (including spoilt votes), the government would be automatically assigned as a Coalition and all parties would have an equal amount of seats but the PM would be decided by an extra vote by the people; maybe a choice of 2 or 3 candidates, where the 75% rule still applied e.g. the PM would need to have at least 75% of the votes.

The main aim of the Democratic system is to elect a government for the people by the people. A government needs to be elected by most of the people e.g. at least 75% of the nation. It’s just unfortunate that at the current time there are no real choices for a government, basically its a “non of the above” (i.e. Nobody) so a coalition seems to be the way forward and the PM would need to be elected by at least 75% of the people.

With regard to Brexit, under the current rules, the people voted to leave (the EU), they didn’t vote to keep tied to the EU, leave means leave! Leave means EXIT.

So what did happen to democracy, if it ever existed? The first Parliament of the UK goes back a little over 200 years but existed in some form before that. The UK officially became a democracy in 1918 (see and but IMO, democracy is a “mind game” that deceives “the people” into thinking they have a say in how the nation is run. General elections are just a farce (unless it’s a 2 horse race) to make “the people” think they have a say on how the nation is run  but history shows that the gov is never elected by a most of “the people”, it is well below 75% (most of).

If we removed politicians and the House of Lords (HoL) from the equation, the country would still continue to run, with little or no problems because, in reality, the “Establishment” (A.K.A. Civil Service) and the wealthy run the country and the gov are puppets of the “Establishment”.

The “Establishment” never changes when we elect a new Gov.

Senior members of the “Establishment” get paid more than the PM, which should indicate just who is running the show!

Cabinet Ministers (Elected Members) including the PM and Chancellor are rarely qualified to do the job and have to have “advisors” (who are paid more than the elected members.) The “advisors” are not elected by “the people” and they may have contradictory political views to the majority of voters!

If we did indeed have a democracy, it was put on death row when John (top Lip) Major committed an act of *high treason* by signing the Maastricht Treaty and the death sentence was confirmed in 2007 when David Miliband signed (on behalf of Gordon Brown) the Lisbon treaty.

*High Treason*, The people were not asked if they wanted to join the EU and this is in contravention of the “Constitution”. Giving away our sovereignty to a “foreign power” is an act of high treason.

The test to see if Britain is a democracy will be on 29th March 2019 at 23.01. If we are still members/ affiliates of the EU and we are still controlled by the EC, then we don’t have a democracy; we are members of the EC dictatorship! It means that the “Establishment”, Politicians and “Lords” have conspired against the peoples democratic vote. If we are still under the control of the EC, instead of street parties celebrating our freedom, there will likely be a very bloody civil war. Those that have plotted and schemed to undermine democracy will likely be the first in line to feel the wrath of the people and they will certainly need to watch their backs!

With regard to Brexit, the only rational and sensible thing to do is to leave under the (default)  WTO rules. Any “deal” will keep us tied to the EU. The EU need us more than we need them, they should be begging us for a good deal on future trading. The EC have nothing in their hand and they know that the EU is a sinking ship, they need the money from the UK but even if the UK remained in the EU, it will still collapse and it will collapse big style.

The German, Italian and French economies are in tatters but the UK economy is getting better; possibly due to the “Confidence in Britain” by several large and small companies.

The Pro-EU people have been infected with the EC cancer, which feeds and survives on greed, corruption and ignorance. It seems deviant sexual activities appear to be one of the methods of the EC cancer gaining control!

The banks and their fictional* world of finance control the world.This fictional world of money and finance replaced the exchanging of precious metals e.g. Gold & Silver but we now bandy about huge sums of money e.g. Trillions of dollars/Pounds/Euros or whatever. In reality, there isn’t enough real Gold or Silver to cover these ridiculous sums! “Emperors new clothes or what!” 

Fictional* meaning “lets pretend”! Anyone with £99 can become a bank. Banks can lend the same £1 to hundreds or even millions of people  because it’s all based on the “I promise to pay the bearer” situation. It doesn’t seem to matter that the bank doesn’t actually have the £1 to loan, they only have the agreement of the borrower to repay the money and that “promise” appears to have become currency!

The stock market is probably the best con ever. It “allows” companies (mainly Limited) to offer shares in the company , which are then “floated” on the Stock Market and in turn “investors” buy shares in the company but they don’t have any say on the day to day running of the company: unless they become a major shareholder!

The “Stock Market” appears to be a weapon used by the banks as a tool for controlling the world but people who borrow money to buy stuff they can’t afford become puppets (of the banks) and this is probably the main weapon used by banks. The old adage of “neither a borrower of lender be” is a sobering thought!

Democracy is an illusion! Since humans started living as “societies”, the people have been controlled by the 5% or in a lot of cases the 1%. The main method of “social control” was religion but then politics came about; instead of controlling the people by threatening them with fire & brimstone, politicians used “psychology”, lies, corruption and deceit. At some point the legal  profession became hand in glove with the politicians and then of coarse came the banks, who united with the legal profession and politicians. Make no mistake the banks (and wealthy) control the world / the people, aided by the legal profession, politicians and the “Establishment”. This has led to a situation where the governments of most, if not all, countries have become cesspits of greed and corruption.

The wealth of any nation is created / generated by the 95%, oil rich countries not included.

Things could change, those who have been doing their utmost to undermine what we perceive to be democracy, have shot themselves in the foot. They have clearly demonstrated they have no interest in democracy and are in contempt of the the people; they are self-serving EC maggots who have become infected with the EC cancer. The EC cancer feeds on deceit, greed and corruption and one of the signs of infection is idiocy 🙂

The people of Europe are waking up and smelling the coffee, the cesspits of corruption may yet be sterilised and we may actually get democracy working for the benefit of the people.

Do you feel lucky!