The year 2020 is looming upon us

We must leave the EU with a clean break and the EU must be broken up, for the benefit of all Europeans. The EC is aΒ  Cancer that has been spreading since 1930’s and has now infected most (if not all) governments of Europe, along with the “establishments” of each country; they are all becoming cesspits of corruption.

The Lisbon Treaty applies more force in 2020 and you should be afraid, very afraid. If you think that Freedom, Independence and Democracy are important to your life, you must read and understand the Lisbon treaty.

Elected politicians who have read the Lisbon Treaty and still want to remain in the EU are traitors to their nations.

Links about the Lisbon Treaty (December 2009)

What Brussels didn’t tell you
Lisbon treaty with notes
Lisbon treaty easy read

Links about the Maastricht_Treaty (1843, Feb 1992 )

The EC started out sometime in the 1930s and the first EC President was Walter Hallstein, read about him here
Nazi roots
Conquest Speech World domination.

As if the above wasn’t enough, we also have the Bilderberg group who appear to be pro-EU / pro-world domination. Read about them hereΒ 

As a computer/IT specialist/Analyst, if the world was a computer; my solution would be “format C” and do a clean install πŸ™‚

Some might suggest I’ve been reading the wrong stuff but as an analyst I don’t take anything at face value! I analyse, I cross reference, I build a matrix of what I know and over the years I’ve developed a keen sense of smell and can detect BS from a long way away πŸ™‚ Some people might call me a few choice names and I’ve been called a lot of names over the years but the one I like best is “Grandad” πŸ™‚

I’ve never been interested in politics and don’t align myself with any political party. I pledge my allegiance to the British flag I’m also proud to be a Yorkshireman born & bred (strong in t’arm and thick in t’head).

I want the best future possible for my kids, grand kids and future generations. I want them to live in a world that has Peace, Freedom, Independence and Democracy but currently the future doesn’t look bright. A clean break from the EU will give some brightness but until the cesspit of greed and corruption is removed from Westminster our future generations have got an uphill struggle πŸ™