The EC Cancer is fighting for survival

The EC is a Cancer that  has been growing for over 70 years, it feeds on greed, bribery and corruption. The cancer seeks to destroy Democracy and replace it with a dictatorship of “unelected Presidents”. It seeks to destroy individuality and replace it with common thinking, common language and common way of doing things; the common is decided by the unelected dictators. The EC cancer seeks to destroy the pride in everyones nation and replace it with a “common pride”.

The people affected with idiocy and those who have no moral fibre are those that succumb easiest to the EC Cancer. Among these people are those who profess to be intelligent but in reality are delusional, they are not free thinkers and they go along with what people tell them and don’t question anything; basically they are sheep!

These pseudo intelligent people are the scourge of societies, they think they are right and everyone else is wrong. They seem incapable of sorting out fact from fiction and live in their own little world of make belief. The EC cancer easily engulfs these people.

The EC is a Cancer that seeks to destroy societies but the people are waking up and realising that Freedom, Independence and Democracy are priceless and the elimination of the EC is now imminent.

There is no cure for idiocy or greed but we can do a lot to remove corruption. However, greed, corruption and idiocy have been around for a very long time and it is deeply seated in the “Establishments” and Governments of all countries; not just the countries of Europe.

The EU is “apparently” controlled by 5 unelected monkeys who act as dictators but in reality they are puppets of the likes of Soros and the Rothchilds; who are the organ grinders with a desire to dominate the world. The 5 (current) monkeys are all failed politicians (in the their country of origin) and a butchers pencil has more brains than the 5 of them combined but they live a life of luxury and get paid a sh*t load of money – tax free; they can do basically whatever they like and are answerable to no one, except their organ grinders.

Things are changing, the people of Europe are realising that the EU is a sinking ship and are witnessing the beginnings of a “meltdown” in the “wealth” of EU states (used to be called Countries). The economies of France and Germany are in tatters, Italy is just about bankrupt and Greece has already gone bankrupt. Other “member states” are affected in similar ways and are making negative noises: just about everyone knows that the EU is a sinking ship but those affected by the EC cancer are in denial. The EU gravy train is much sought after by those that only care about themselves; greed, corruption and selfishness are the MO of these people.

The days of the EU are numbered but yet, the EC are still doing anything and everything to maintain their dictatorship, the likes of Soros is pumping money into the “Remain Campaign”. Britain leaving the EU will trigger a domino effect; the EC know this and are doing everything possible to thwart Brexit. France, Poland, maybe Italy and maybe others are looking toward leaving the bloc, even Germany! The EU is dead but it won’t lay down!

The EC cancer is fighting for survival, if they can keep things up n running until 2020; the Lisbon treaty will likely save the EU from extinction. In 2020, the Lisbon treaty steps up a notch or two and if the EU is still in existence in 2025; they will be unstoppable but I suspect the EU will have collapsed by then (hopefully.)

The EC cancer must be destroyed completely, the people  / countries of Europe don’t need the EC or the EP to be friends and allies that trade freely in a mutually beneficial manner. We need a “United Europe” which is united in friendship, with a desire to trade freely and has a common goal of peace but we don’t need the EC or EP, we managed quite well without them and even had an Empire.  Each country have their own elected parliaments so the EC and EP are redundant. The “Common Market” had merit but was hi-jacked by the EC. Unfortunately the EC is not the only enemy of the people, there are others that seek world domination; Greed, bribery and corruption are again the tools used. Why can’t we just live in peace, share the wealth and share the world and be tolerant of our differences. We are all INDIVIDUALS!

With regard to the UK, our “membership” of the EU is illegal, we didn’t have a peoples vote about becoming members of the EU. The Maastricht treaty was signed in contravention of the constitution and this means that our membership of the EU is illegal and John Major (who signed the treaty) committed an act of treason but he seems to have got away with it. This act of treason was further implemented when David Miliband signed (on behalf of Gordon Brown) the Lisbon Treaty. Gordon is a canny lad and probably knew the implications of signing the Lisbon Treaty and he probably didn’t want his neck in a noose!

Treason May and some 600 MPs (elected members) are consumed 100% with the EC cancer and will do anything and everything possible to stop Brexit but the people are now waking up and changes are in the wind. The people will take control* and will remove the politicians and members of the establishment who do not respect Democracy. The election box will put these EC shoe lickers out of a job but unfortunately most of them don’t actually need the MPs salary so they won’t be on the poverty line or indeed become homeless and have to sleep rough. The recent “Local elections” have put a couple of thousand “Local Councillors” out of a job and it’s quite likely that the 2 main political parties are heading for oblivion because they appear to have a high number that don’t accept Democracy!

*Since humans started living in societies, they have been controlled by the few e.g. the 5% or at times the 1%! The  people have never really been in control. The UK was declared to be a democracy in 1918 but this appears to be an illusion, the 5% have always had the upper hand, regardless of what the 95% have wanted. The “industrial revolution” created a lot of wealthy people who exploited those that were carrying out the “Essence of the Business” . The relationship between employer and employee should always be mutually beneficial but employees were exploited and had poor working conditions and were not paid very well. Without employees (to carry out the essence of the business), there is no business but the offer of work and pay to feed the family was the decider!

Back in the day, leaders had to prove they were worthy of being leaders; they were the strongest or the most brave and the people looked up to them. Religion also played a part by providing “moral guidance” to the mostly uneducated and illiterate people.

Then along came politics, which was the vehicle for greed, bribery and corruption. Politics, religion and the legal profession ultimately combined to make sure that the 1% or the 5% were in control. “Leaders” were no longer required to be the strongest or the bravest, the political weasels were now at work (much like the Roman Empire)! This situation has been like this for many years, where the wealth of the nation is generated by the 95% but the nation is controlled by the 1% or 5%. The banks, who now mainly control the nations, are in cahoots with the Gov and the legal profession to make sure that the 95% are under the control of the 5%. The laws of our nation are mainly designed to protect the wealthy 5%! It seems that the laws that apparently protect the people are “highly arguable”. IMO, laws that are “arguable” are not laws, it’s either a law or it isn’t. If a law can be interpreted differently by different people, it’s a guideline; not a law. If a law is a statute signed by the queen, it should NOT be “arguable”, it should be factual and not be subject to “argument”.

The people are now gradually rising against the very few, who refuse to accept democracy! Those that refuse to accept Democracy are in danger of losing their liberty; they have no place in a democratic society.

It can be seen that the “Bin mens” strike in Birmingham is just a the tip of the iceberg. Should the “Invisible army” decide to demonstrate their importance, you should be afraid, very afraid. Without the Invisible army, the country(s) would come to a stand still and would, in effect, put us back to the dark ages!

The EC cancer must be eradicated, much like ISIS. The world has no place for megalomaniacs who want to dominate the world. We need to make sure that Democracy works where the majority rules, it would be better if majority was replaced by “most of” e.g. 75%.

The largest “minority” group is rarely, if ever, catered for and is usually ignored, this group is the “individual”! We rarely have anything in place that protects or even recognises “Individual rights” but yet we are ALL individuals! You might need to think about that!

The Goal of the EC is to destroy “individuality”, it has an aim to have a common language, a common currency, a common “way of doing things”. It seeks to destroy the identity of each country (member state) to enable a “super state” which would be referred to as the “United states of Europe” (USE), as part of the plan for world domination.Under the ESU plan, there would be no France, Germany, Britain, Spain, Poland etc, we would all be a “member state” and that would mean that each country (member state) would no longer need an Elected PM or indeed a Government because the (unelected) EC would be the Government for the United States of Europe! The EC would be the be all and end all and would be answerable to no one except their organ grinders.

The EC cancer is fighting for survival. It seems that most of the “parliament” (inc Senior Civil servants) of the UK have succumbed to the EC cancer, we need to fumigate. The people who have not yet succumbed to the EC cancer, need to take control of our nation. Britain was once “Great Britain” and could be again but as things are with a mentally deranged PM and some 600+ remainer MPs, it’s going to be an uphill struggle.

Currently, it’s “parliament” versus the people. The current PM snubs her nose at the law and thinks she can ignore #Democracy and the will of the people but she’s on thin ice. She has destroyed the Tory party and highlighted the vile corruption within parliament. The people are now realising that it’s time to drain the swamp and remove the cesspit of corruption from Westminster. Hopefully, it won’t come to a civil war but with so many elected and unelected members refusing to accept the democratic vote; it’s difficult to see any alternative!

Hopefully, it will be confirmed by the law lords, that we did indeed leave the EU on 29/03/2019

Millions of people gave their lives or were severely injured in 2 world wars, to protect our Freedom, Independence and Democracy. The EC cancer has just about reversed all that had been won, without as many casualties!