D-Day 75th Anniversary

Much on MSM today covering the 75th anniversary of D-Day where the British Empire (at that time) and it’s allies united against a common enemy to preserve #Freedom #Independence and #Democracy. Thousands of people lost their lives on the Normandy beaches, a lot returned home on stretchers and most who returned would never be the same again.

Without these “sacrifices”, the world today would be very different!

The common enemy eventually surrendered on 8th May 1945 but it seems they continued their world domination plans in secret. Instead of bullets, they use greed and corruption to create traitors within our successive governments and they indoctrinate susceptible minds. By stealth, the traitors gave away our Freedom and Independence a bit at a time and mostly in secret.

The UK was declared to be a Democracy in 1918. Millions of people lost their lives in 2 great wars in the hope that Freedom, Independence and Democracy would prevail.

Today, we have politicians paying lip service to the 75th anniversary of that magnificent (but sad) united D-Day event but the current and past Governments don’t appear to accept Democracy and most, it would appear, are not interested in Freedom and Independence!

Let us salute those magnificent heroes (dead or alive), Lets make sure they didn’t die in vain. Lets drain the Westminster swamp of greed and corruption. Lets remove anyone in the “Gov machine” that doesn’t agree with Democracy.

Without Freedom and Independence, we are slaves. Without Democracy, we are eunuchs.