DVO IT or DVO I.T. is a business that’s all about helping people get the most of I.T. and trying to make sure that Computers and technology are working FOR YOU. DVO is just how my (French) surname is pronounced.

I started my working life as an apprentice craftsman and became a “time served apprentice”. Apart from being very knowledgeable about hydraulics, pneumatics,  steam engines and all things mechanical, I had an avid interest in Electronics. This became my hobby and I also became an Electrician so I was a multi-skilled craftsman that didn’t fit into the general day to day “Job Description”. This ultimately led me to starting my own business and also gave me the opportunity to expand my hobby of “Electronics”.

  • In 1979/1980 I built my first “computer”, which was nothing more than a box of electronic bits that didn’t really do anything!
  • Come 1981, I bought my first computer. The Sinclair ZX81 wasn’t a computer by today’s standards and it didn’t really do anything until you told it what to do! ZX basic, here I come!  It did provide the seed for me (and no doubt many others) to realise that “computers” were the way forward and that computers were the future! I salute Clive Sinclair.

Over the years, I had the advantage of running my own businesses and using computers before most of any of my competitors. I understand the needs of  businesses with regard to computers and technology and try to ignore fads but we all occasionally make mistakes 🙂 IT related qualifications:-

  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) on several counts.
  • SCO Unix and Linux certifications.
  • Comptia A+.
  • Exposure to several Linux “versions” including Ubuntu, SUSE, BASH and Cent OS.
  • In the main I am a Microsoft advocate but don’t think they always get it right:-)

I worked for many years in IT Support as a support analyst but prior to that I worked for an ISP as an “Engineer” and that involved setting up kit in business premises, configuring routers and firewalls and working in the data centre running new Ethernet cables and looking after servers.

One project was designing and implementing a “bullet proof” fail safe system for a hosted customer. That was a lot of fun where everything was duplicated and we had the customer come over to pull cables out and switch things off randomly to demonstrate the fail safe nature of the system, nerve racking but very rewarding when it all worked according to plan 🙂

I am an advocate of data security and can be seen as a Paranoid Pete when I set up firewalls and antivirus. When it comes to data and network security, I tend to use a “belt and braces” approach.

Although I eat, sleep and breathe computers and technology, I still remain in the real world and this enables me to find solutions that work and fit in with how you want to work.

Contact:- jd.dvoit at gmail dot com (at = @, dot = .)