All things I.T.

Welcome to Dvo IT. I.T. (Information Technology) or ICT (Information and Computer Technology), call it what you will but one thing for certain you can’t live without IT! Maybe if you were sitting on a mountain meditating, your IT needs would perhaps only be a radio to listen to the latest cricket scores 🙂

Unfortunately, in the modern world, we all need and rely on IT so I’m here to help you get IT working FOR you instead of making life difficult. I’ve been building, playing with and maintaining computers and computer systems since 1979 and believe it or not, I’m still learning!

If you only have one or two desktop PCs or laptops, I can help you connect to the Internet and use the World Wide Web (www) in a safe and secure manner. I can also help you to keep you PC/Laptop in good working order and free from viruses and other malware. I have specialist knowledge  enabling me to remove viruses and malware, without losing any of your data / documents/ photos etc.


If you want a hardwired (Ethernet) home or business network (LAN) installing,  I can help.

If you want a wireless network (WiFi) setting up, I can help.

Having a network (LAN) makes it possible to share information between PCs and Laptops, quickly and easily. It also enables you to share a printer and sometimes other devices.  You might not know what a router or a switch is or even an Internet gateway or a firewall, fortunately I do 🙂

Wondering about home security / home monitoring using cameras (IP or other)? I can help set up a system up so that you can monitor your home or premises while you’re miles away.

For businesses, I can help set up an active directory on the office LAN.

That should give you an idea of what I can do to help you get IT working for you.

One of my interests over the past few years has been using VOIP (Voice over I P) This is also called VOB (voice over broadband) and Internet Telephony. Basically if you have ever used the phone option on Skype ™ etc and used your webcam, you have been using VOIP.

Internet Telephony / Voip can be very low cost or high cost but even the high cost options have potential money savings.

What ever you budget, I can help.

If you need any help with anything related to IT, I can probably help or know someone that can.