Pan European Feast

Had an amazing day on Saturday! Planned to do a “Pan European” style feast for our big girls birthday and managed to pull it off, after a bit (lot) of planning. We like to go to Cosmos for a nice treat but our big girl suggested I do a “Cosmos Style” feast and I accepted the challenge, mainly because I love cooking 🙂

I scoured the web for recipe ideas and found a few that peaked my interest, this meant I had to make a variety of marinades and that was a lot of fun 🙂 Our 10 yr old grandson helped out with that and he loved it. Our 8 yr old grandson helped out with the flags for the countries and took on he job of welcoming guests as they arrived 🙂

Chosen countries for their “typical flavours”, the marinades were “inspired” by the links; which I “got a feel for” 🙂 I rarely follow recipes.

China – Red Marinade (although it didn’t turn out red as expected) Served with shop bought spring rolls, lightly sauteed beansprouts and soft noodles.

The spruce

India (Tikka, again not really as red as expected) Served with shop bought samosas, onion bhaji s and poppadoms.

Jamie Oliver

Jamaica (reggae reggae)

Saw a bottle of Reggae reggae in Asda

Thailand (green curry)



Italy (mainly herbs) served with (shop bought) mozzarella sticks and pizza.

Recipe tin eats

Portugal (Peri Peri)



British/American (I think)

Sweet n Sticky and lovely Comfort Kitchen

Addapinch Smoky flavours.

Mexico, (chocolate and coffee chilli) served with wraps, salad and peppers.

The Guardian and quite a few others!

All the Chicken thighs, drums and diced/strips of chicken were marinaded overnight with the above marinades, put in plastic bags and placed in the fridge. The kitchen had a very aromatic odour! in the morning!

The thighs and drums were oven cooked and the diced/sliced chicken was pan fried.

The “no marinade” stuff:-

France (mussels in garlic and butter (shop bought and nuked) served with tiger bread sticks.

Germany (Bratwurst, but forgot to cook that) !

Spain (tortilla but I forgot to do that) !

Greece (sauteed eggplant and baklawa)

Britain again (roast spuds) and curly fries.

Our 10 yr old grandson chose the herbs and spices to put in the chocolate chili and this included ginger and cinnamon! Both the boys enjoyed tasting and adding the chocolate and coffee to get it “just right” 🙂

We had other shop bought bits like vegetable rolls, onion bharjis, mozzarella sticks, curly fries, gluten free pizzas, breadsticks, dips and of course salad stuff. Not forgetting the awesome banana cake baked by “the Mrs” 🙂 All in all, a very enjoyable (but tiring) day that involved teamwork to pull it off.  Here’s some pics:-

The marinading

Cooking underway, not much room in our small kitchen

Foil cartons prepared for each “dish”

Aubergines (egg plant)

Note the flags for each country represented. The stainless steel pan containing the chilli is a Rena Ware pan and is pushing 40 yrs old!