Recipes and Cuisine

I’m a big fan of slow cooked one-pan meals and roast dinners but enjoy cooking anything except fish! I love “seafood” like crab and lobster which are easy to cook in water. Crayfish, linguisteen (Scampi,) scallops and clams, I really love but cooking them seems to make the house smell for days 🙁

Types of Cuisine :-

I mostly like English type cuisine, not too spicy and not really bland, a nice roast dinner goes down well as does steak n (English) chips, with trimmings but I’m also partial to a “Full English” fry up, bacon, sausage, eggs, black pudding etc.

Chinese / Cantonese. I’ve never really done any cooking but love eating it. We treat ourselves to the occasional take-away and I always go for “Chop Suey Special” but I’ve dabbled at stir-fry!

Italian. Love it but still think spaghetti is a joke 🙂 Tagliatelle, Penne, spirals etc are easy enough to cook and lasagne is so simple but tasty. Pizza (cheese on toast) is something that you buy to stick in the oven for snacks! The Italians are quite pedantic about what sauce you should use for the different Pasta shapes and I recently discovered that “Spag Bol” isn’t an authentic Italian dish, they insist that a bolognese sauce a.k.a ragu should have tagliatelle with it and not spaghetti so it should be “Tag Bol”! I’ve also discovered that the Italians cook the pasta and drain it, then add it to the sauce  in the pan to allow it to absorb all the flavours and doing this with penne is wonderful, you get all the meat and sauce in the tubes. It really does make a difference.

Thia. again I haven’t really done any of this cooking but like a lot of the Thia foods.

Mexican. It is just too spicy for me. I do cook “Chilli con Carni” though but it’s “Hairy Grandad” style 🙂

Moroccan. I do enjoy cooking a nice lamb tagine and when I get it right, the sweetness and the spicyness sort of merge so that you get the sweet hit to start and then the spicy heat afterwards.

Indian. Can’t say that I’m a fan and don’t cook Indian foods. I find the combination of the spices overpower the taste of the food and the smell of curries (mainly invented by the English) makes me heave. Ive often been told by my Asian friends that Tandoori is more traditional but the “Tandoor” is a very hot “oven type” of thing which seems to burn stuff and then the smell of all the spices, cumin, coriander, turmeric etc is like, “no thanks”! Strangely, those same spices work quite well with the Moroccan lamb tagine!

Jamaican. Never done of this type of cooking but it looks and smells lovely.