Tail Wagging the dog! Our democratic system apparently allows us to elect who we want as our Government and in a democratic society the majority wins the vote – not as simple as that though is it! It appears that the majority is taken from the people that actually vote which is usually no more than about 40% of the populace and from this you have maybe have 3 or 4 “parties” to share the votes so the actual majority isn’t really a majority at all. So whoever gets elected are not really representing the majority of the populace but what do they do, they give themselves a pay rise and make more laws instead of looking after the nations purse and defending the country. Then they find ways to extract even more money out of the general populace and do everything possible to dictate to the populace what we can and can’t do. WE ELECTED THEM, they are our public servants and should do what WE want – talk about role reversal, it can’t only be me that sees through this charade.

Is it my imagination or do most of the MPs come from a Legal background – probably explains why they keep making more laws. Is it a club and they are all looking after their pals, keeping the legal profession in jobs?

Is it my imagination! It seems that some of the “Socialist” MPs have more wealth than soft Mick – aren’t Socialist MPs supposed to be from the “working class” and are elected to make things better for the “working class”?  My definition of “working class” is: – People of the nation that actually work for a living, producing goods and carrying out services that the nation needs. Without these people we would not have an economy, it’s the working class that generate the income for businesses. It’s the working class that constitute the majority in the nation and what do the government do? They tax the working class to the hilt and make laws to keep the working class working class, is it me?

Does the working class ask the government to penalise them in taxes for driving cars or smoking tobacco or drinking beer and other alcohol? Does the working class ask the government to ban smoking in public places and places of recreation? Does the working class ask the government to pay themselves several times more than the average earnings of  people that actually work for a living?

Seems to me that the majority get overlooked and the minorities get what they want but it might be me! Seems to me if the government want to look after minorities then they should look after the largest minority group – the INDIVIDUAL  but that’s another topic 🙂

Well that’s my bit of anarchy, don’t suppose it will be long before the men in black come looking for me 😮

The Nanny State. This is one of the most unbelievable things I have heard for a while – they (the Gov) are planning to provide “Super Nannies” to show us all how to bring up our offspring because the schools are no longer able to educate our unruly offspring! It really can’t just be me, can it?

Children (and adults) need to know where the “line” is but these days there is no clearly defined line. Parents are not allowed to give the little darlings a good thick ear and schools are outlawed from administering corrective punishment – tell me again who created this problem?

Tax on cigarettes / tobacco. Lets see, isn’t that akin to pimps living off immoral earnings? The gov, up until a few years ago used to give our military guys a cigarette allowance and now they have decided smoking kills. So what do they do – they increase the tax in an apparent attempt to stop people smoking, balderdash! The more people stop smoking, the more the tax goes up; Of course this is nothing at all to do with the loss of revenue – yeah right.

Tax on fuel. This is apparently to stop us using our cars too much, does it work, not a chance. Do politicians drive about in small eco friendly cars, no! They drive around in huge gas guzzlers and to add salt to the wound, we are paying for their fuel also because it goes on expenses. Do they use public transport and have to wait around for a bus to arrive and then have to get in to a crowded bus that doesn’t take you anywhere near where you want to go or it takes about 4 times longer than using personal transport. Are politicians living in cloud cuckoo land or is it me?