BREXIT (Maybe!)

Here we are 3 months since the referendum and where are we? We are still members of the EU and article 50 has yet to be invoked.

52% of the voters (37% of the people elegible to vote) voted to leave the EU and this is considered to be a majority. 48% of the voters (35% of the people elegible to vote) wanted to remain.

The turn out was about 72% which means that over 13 Million, yes 13 Million didn’t vote for whatever reason. Those that didn’t vote have to accept whatever the majority voted but the majority was only a slim margin.

Of those that could be arsed to vote, it’s pretty much a 50/50 split and this has lead to some “sour grapes” and dirty tricks activity. It would seem that no one really expected a majority vote to leave the EU but mathmatically 52% is a majority and that is rubbish. In my book we should be looking at what most of the people want and that would be 80/85% of eledgible voters. If we play about with the figures and add the 13 million “no votes” to the Leave votes; we still only get 65% of the people wanting to leave which is better but still not “most of the people”.

It’s understandable that the “remainers” are calling for another referendum but democracy has been excersised under the current rules. We have Billionaires having secret meetings with, the now PM, wanting to have another referendum.We have old “has been” politicians trying to block Brexit because they think they know best. We have big business and the wealthy (not all of them) wanting to block Brexit, the fact that they will no longer be able to benefit or profit from lobbying the EC/EU; could be a factor! They certainly don’t know any better and all the doom and gloom (basically lies) that was spread, has turned out to be be rubbish.

It can be seen that Britain is enjoying a bit of a boom at the moment, it might not last but NO ONE KNOWS. We have other countries from around the world queuing up to trade with us, on completion of Brexit so Being free and independant is after all the best option! (NSS)

The new PM, by default due to Pinocchio stepping down, is making all the right noises, promises etc etc but is it all hot air and BS? Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Britain need a “mother figure” to help unite us all and stop the squabbling. Democracy must be seen to be working but it seems a lot of people don’t know what democracy is so it’s going to be an uphill struggle.

The new PM has spent the past 6 years or so dividing the nation so I’m not convinced that she’s the mother we need! Experience tells me that, what politicians tell us usually means the opposite and they get away with it because the people of Britain are mostly apathetic and seem to think that politicians always act for what’s best for the nation! IF only.

The “elected” Gov are basically puppets and often don’t have any qualifications to do the job they are put in, as an MP. In reality, the people that run the country are the handful of people that have most of the wealth and own most of the land. These people “influence” the Civil Service, who advise the “elected” Gov. I call this “tail wagging the dog” because generally what is good for the nation (the plebs) isn’t good for the wealthy who think they are better than the plebs. Of course we still have the small % of apparent wealthy people who are basically “all fur coat and no knickers” (appear to be wealthy but can’t afford to buy underwear.) The wealth of the nation is generated by most of the people (80 – 85%) via taxation and a large percentage of “most of the people” earn less than £30,000 per year! Big business and the wealthy avoid paying taxes and put the their money in off-shore tax havens and the Gov let them get away with it!

So will we escape the clutches of the EU? The EU is just a political idealogy that can be seen as a non democratic “Club” run by bullies and despots. Why should we pay in to a club to enable us to export and import goods, it’s not Makro! Why do we need political aggreements to allow us to import or export our goods to other European countries? In reality, we don’t but then the politicians don’t get their back handers 🙂

We will only escape the clutches of the EU if the nation stops being apathetic and ensures that the elected Gov carry out the wishes of the majority of the the nation (Democracy.) Power to the people needs to be in place, I was going to say “restored” but the people have, for many years, given the power to policitians; who really ought to be people who act in the best interest of the nation and not just for the interests of the wealthy!

Brexit is still only a maybe, if it suits the wealthy it will happen. If the nation stops being apathetic and ensures the elected Gov carry out the democratic process, it will happen.

We have to remember that politicians are only puppets who are, in theory, elected by the people for the people  to act as their “mouth piece”. They are not any better than the “Plebs”, they don’t have a crystal ball to foresee the future and in most cases they have their own agenda. Politicians are mainly skilled at producing hot air while standing on soap box and generally speaking very little else.

Most start out with admirable ideals but when they get used to the pay and expenses, it’s not something they would want to lose (would you.) With this in mind, they will do whatever it takes to make sure they get re-elected; even if it means doing a U Turn on what they robustly campaingned for. Some even decide to fly a different flag and expect us to accept it in good faith!

Once assimulted into the system, the wishes of those that elected them are quite often forgotten about and the wishes of the wealthy seem to be paramount.

Radical change is needed because the current political voting system is for a 2 horse race, where we have an elected Gov and an opposition. We don’t seem to have had any opposition for years! I’m not sure propertional representation is the answer, just seems a way to fudge actual figures!

It should be a legal requirement for people to vote, exceptions for the ill or infirm.