Why do we let Politicians rule our lives?

Why do we let Politicians rule our lives, are they better qualified or better educated? Generally, no in both cases but some members of our society (apparently) seem to think they are and give them more credit than they deserve! Of note is the amount of MPs that are linked to the legal and banking profession, should we be concerned? Events over the past few months, with regard to Brexit, would indicate we have a bunch of buffoons “running the country” and we have far too many EC shoe lickers!

What are the alternatives?

Being ruled by Royals? Being ruled by Despots / Dictators – e.g. the EU/EC?

What about the Nation ruling itself?

In theory, in our democratic nation, the government is elected by the people for the people but this means that we have politicians as a government and, based on the past 40+ years, they are not really qualified to do the job of looking after the nations purse and defending the realm so it doesn’t really work! Couple this with the broken “Election system” which is designed for a 2 horse race and it can be seen that the elected government will never be the one chosen by most of the people, e.g. at least 75 / 80 % of the votes. Couple this with the fact that generally speaking more than 20% (usually up to 30% and often more) of the people eligible to vote; don’t! Those that don’t vote could be people that are not in a “fit / mental state” to vote, so they should be excluded from the “eligible to vote” register! That said, it might be a little difficult to decide on the mental state and suitability to vote but I’d guess that someone who is of a sound mind and who is considered capable/ able to “write their will”, would be capable of voting? It could be said that people who want to remain in the EU have some mental issues and don’t have a grasp on reality but hey ho 🙂

For the rest, it should be a legal requirement to vote, with a hefty fine if they don’t (as it is in Australia.) Of course this won’t stop people “spoiling their vote” but at least it would get the “turn out” figures up and the “winners” would be able to claim the “spoiled votes”, on the premise that people that spoil their vote are happy to go along with what “most people” want. Of course, if there is a significant number of spoiled votes; it could indicate that people are really saying “none of the above“! Maybe there should be an option to vote for “Nobody“; that would put the cat among the pigeons. 🙂

In reality, politics is a load of bollox; the nation is ruled /controlled by the rich and wealthy (e.g. banks) and those that “own” most of the land. Most people probably know this but choose to ignore it because it’s been pretty much the same since humans started living in societies so it isn’t anything new!

Societies need rules to keep the peace and to allow all to live in relative harmony. Along came politics and even worse; politicians! Over the years, the “better educated” (more privileged)  have used politics to feather their own nest, at the expense of others. The legal profession, banks and politicians all seem to be very closely knit and all seem to do well. Some might say they are as “thick as thieves”! Some might say they are parasites sucking the life out of the less fortunate. Thinking about it, I’ve never heard of anyone in the legal profession that are living in poverty and that’s the same with bankers and politicians!

Over the years we have “won” the right to vote; to democratically elect a government that will look after the nations purse and make sure that everyone is being treated fairly. Well that hasn’t happened!

Here’s the bad news and most people know this but chose to ignore it.

The General Elections are just a mockery to give the impression that democracy is working.

This is one reason a lot of people don’t vote.

A lot of people know this but still vote, to exercise their right to vote.

A lot of people know this but think that voting will make a difference. It might make a difference to which political party is the elected government but unfortunately they all feed from the same trough.

The people running the nation are the “permanent secretaries and civil servants” who have to “cater” for the new gov every 4 years or so and have to “cater” for the desires of the rich and those that “own” the land. It is interesting to note that some senior “permanent secretaries” are paid more than “Elected MPs” and even more than the Prime Minister. That should give you a clue as to who is running the nation and where the elected gov stand, in the “Grand Scheme of things” but are the permanent secretaries any better qualified? Politicians are bad enough but “The Establishment” is a lot worse, democracy is not a word in their vocabulary!

Can this be changed? Probably not but it’s something “the people” maybe ought to look at. The “establishment” is very deep rooted and is made up of self-styled elites, they don’t change when we have general elections!  If we get rid of the political system of electing unqualified politicians to “look after the nations purse and defense of the realm” and we remove “apathy” from the nation so that “the people run the country”, that would be a big change. It would mean that the job of “running the country” would need people that are qualified to “look after the nations purse and defense of the realm”, without any political bias! That will be a very tall order, that’s likely not achievable but there is always hope!

We still have the “permanent secretaries” et all  and we still have the rich and land owners! Money talks!

Letting politicians (apparently) rule our lives and country seems to be the easy option, knowing full well that the country is actually run (in the background) by the wealthy and the people that own the most land and knowing full well that politicians are merely puppets. It’s time for a change, it’s time for the people to take control of the nation. It’s time for the people (the wealth generators) to get rid of apathy and take an interest in the running of the nation! The country “belongs” to the nation and no one or small minority group have any “claim” to rule the country.

Generally speaking, the wealth of the nation is generated by the millions of “Workers” (think Bee hives) and the wealth is held by a handful of people. The wealthy also have the “Money System” to make sure their money “works for them” and this includes (legal) avoidance of tax (no one should pay more tax than they are entitled to!) The banking system is designed to keep as many people in debt as possible because this gives the banks a steady income, which allows them to live an extravagant life style. The banks are in the business of “selling money” and money is basically “tokens” that represent “precious metals” (in theory) e.g. Gold, Silver etc; which are the tangible stuff! Unfortunately, we have all bought into the “money system” where the banks can loan you “money” they don’t have!

In this “wealthy” nation, we should NOT have people living on the poverty line if they are in gainful employment. Working people should NOT have to rely on “Tax Credits” or any other “benefits” to boost the employment income, they should be paid a fair wage for a fair days work. The working people that generate the wealth should have more of a share of it, CEOs getting paid £Ms every year while the workers (carrying out the essence of the business*) are being paid peanuts; Just isn’t cricket!

The UK is one of the wealthiest countries, we certainly should NOT have people that are homeless (unless they choose to be) and we certainly should NOT have to rely on “Soup Kitchens” to feed the poverty stricken!

Having a small minority of wealthy people, while most people are just managing, a lot of people living on the poverty line and more than is acceptable living below it, rising homelessness, soup kitchens; this situation means we have failed as a society but we are a wealthy nation, apparently!! We have old people that have to choose between heating and eating. We have people now having to work longer before they can start taking the state pension, I’d call that “breach of contract”! Is the nation asleep or are we all just too busy trying to make ends meet ?

Do we blame the politicians (past & present) or “the establishment” (both are patently not qualified to look after the nations purse) or do we blame ourselves (the people) for being apathetic and allowing ourselves to be controlled by a mere handful of (unqualified) people and a mere handful of wealthy people?

What about the “national debt”! who do we owe the money to and more to the point, who has that amount of money to loan the nation £Bs? Of course it’s all on paper in the fictional world of “finance”; invented by the banks! What will happen if the invisible money lenders suddenly decide they want their money back, are they going to repossess? Who is receiving the interest on the money borrowed ?

When you borrow money, you become a shoe licker and “puppet on a string” until you have repaid the money you borrowed. The banks have “engineered” a situation where they get most of the people “in debt” to make sure they (the banks) have a steady income to pay for their extravagant lifestyles. To compound this, they sell their debts to other “banks”, to reduce the “bad debt” situation! Credit cards and mortgages are the main stay of “banks” but unauthorised overdrafts are a nice earner, along with (invisible) bank charges

Home ownership.  Owning your own home is brilliant (accepting that you can’t extend it, demolish it, rebuild it etc without someones permission and neither can you take a pile of bricks and mortar with you when you don your wooden overcoat) but if you need to borrow money to purchase it, you can’t afford it! If you have to borrow money to buy something, you can’t afford it! If you have a “Mortgage” (Death promise), you are gambling on your ability to keep up the mortgage payments and you are ultimately controlled by the money lender, they have you by the short and curlies! They can up the interest rates anytime they like, if you can’t afford the higher payments; you either have to sell the home you are buying or let them repossess. Do you feel lucky?

To add insult to injury the house that you are buying (note, not bought) costs you at least 4 times more than the original purchase price (due to interest paid) and it isn’t yours until the last penny is paid back. During this time, in reality, the property is  losing value due to wear n tear but in the topsy turvy world it’s gaining in value! In reality, bricks and mortar don’t improve with age!  If you default on the payments, the money lender can have your home repossessed, sell it below market value and then come back to you for any shortfall. It’s a case of Heads they win, tails you lose! The home ownership dream is designed purely to give the banks a regular income and to make sure you tow the line and work hard to keep up the mortgage payments! The banks are not interested if your home becomes a negative equity, they are only interested in you keeping the “Death Promise”.

It’s unlikely that we will get rid of the political system, which means that we won’t ever have an elected government that are qualified to “look after the nations purse and defense of the realm“; so that means we have to work with what we have!

First step is to make it a legal requirement to vote and have a mechanism in place to exclude people who are not in a fit mental state to vote; that’s a little less than half the people then 🙂

Second step is to have an elected Gov that is elected by the people for the people. This would mean that the elected Gov would have to have at least 75% of the votes, which is a proper majority (being most of.) Would this mean that we would need to keep having elections until this figure is reached? Is there an alternative such as a “coalition”, which would basically mean something that nobody wants or maybe it’s what the people really want (no single political group being “in charge”)! The elected Gov should at all times be the Gov that represent most of the people, anything less than 75+% of the votes is not really “most of the people” (in real terms.) We have a system of checks and balances which “in theory” addresses the situation where the Gov is not elected by “most of the people” and this gives us the “opposition”! Unfortunately, it seems that most politicians feed from the same trough, regardless of which flag they fly so the “opposition” is a buzz word! We don’t seem to have had a real opposition for many years and there is a good reason for that but it’s not what you think it might be 🙂

We currently have about 650 MPs who have a “seat” (in Westminster) and the number of “seats” determines the amount of clout that the incumbent Government have. If they have the most number of “seats”, they will always do what they want, regardless of the “opposition” and regardless of what “most of the people want”. If the opposition (in total) out numbers the Government, there is a better chance that the desires of “most of the people” will be met but we use the “51%” rule” which isn’t “most” (in real terms) If the Gov don’t have a majority of seats, we don’t have a government, apparently!

So again, it can be seen that democracy is just a lip service. “Most of the people” should be defined as at least 75%. If the government is elected by “most of the people”, there would be little point in having an opposition but it would allow the 25% to voice their opinion.

It’s likely that the ideal situation is to have a coalition gov where no one party has a majority of seats; unless they represent “most of the people”. The current rules allow “political parties” to selectively form a coalition to make sure they have (collectively) the most seats (based on the 51% rule!) This makes the opposition a bit of a “non starter”. If the opposition is unable to block the plans and intentions of the incumbent Gov, what is their purpose; we’re still paying them a lot of money out of the public purse!

On top of this we have the “House of Lords” that are the self-styled “elite” and are un-elected (by the people!) The lords are, in theory, the “governors” who (using the system of checks and balances) ensure that the incumbent government are doing the job they were elected to do. Unfortunately the house of lords don’t represent “most of the people“, they are  out of touch with “most of the people” and are basically redundant and unnecessary!

The only way to change this situation is to have a selection committee, made up of representatives of “most of the people”, to decide on a Gov made up of people suitably qualified to do the job of “looking after the nations purse and defense of the realm.

Successful Companies / businesses don’t “elect” or indeed intentionally employ people that are not qualified to do the job so why do we “elect” unqualified people to form a government which, in theory,  runs the country / nation?

The selection process for the Gov doesn’t start well! It’s starts with “local” elections, which are based on “political views” not “suitability qualified to look after the nations purse and defense of the realm”. When the “scores” are aggregated, we end up with a Prime Minister that very few people have actually voted for.

The (chosen) Prime Minister should have to be able to demonstrate skills in leadership and be in touch with the desires of “most of the people“; the Job Spec would be interesting 🙂 Even more interesting would be the bit where they have to explain their experience in “running a country” 🙂

In the real world, if you were applying for the job of “Managing Director / CEO”, you would have to have a pretty good CV and be able to demonstrate your skills! In the topsy turvy world, it would be a case of “who you know” and/or a funny handshake!

The “Cabinet” would also have to demonstrate that they are qualified to do the job that they are given. e.g. chancellors that are actually good at maths (sorry George) and be able to understand the “complicated” benefits system  🙂

All of the positions would have to be politically neutral and would have to be in harmony with what “most of the people” want. The Governments primary role would be looking after the nations purse and the defense of the realm. The Government would necessarily be “appointed” by the people for the people to remove the “tail wagging the dog” situation! The Government would not then be “all powerful”, they would be a body of people chosen by the people to “govern” the nation and would be fully accountable, if they aren’t up to scratch their services could be terminated quickly and easily! One way of achieving this would be to make use of the existing computer technology, which would give “the people” the power to be involved in decisions that affect the nation, it would be “the people” that make the choices of laws and policies; not the “appointed Government”.

(Unqualified) Politicians have, for hundreds of years, probably caused more problems than they have solved and have probably caused more wars and conflict than religion! By and large, politicians tend to come from privileged backgrounds and are not usually short of a bob or two, they don’t typically “identify” with the “workers“.  These days MPs are getting paid (out of the public purse) about £80,000 per year, on top of that they are able to claim expenses for having 2 homes etc etc and they grumble that it is difficult to manage on this meagre salary but the people they (apparently) represent are probably having to manage on an income of less than £20,000 and have to rely on Tax credits to “get by” on a daily basis. Some “gainfully employed” people have to have 2 or more jobs to make ends meet and still have to claim “Tax Credits”! Some “gainfully employed” people are having to use “Soup kitchens” to survive and that is just wrong. On top of that we have rising homelessness , which basically means we have failed as a society! We have a few wealthy people and the “workers” are just about managing or they are on the poverty line! That is just wrong! We appear to be stuck in the 1800’s but have use of modern technology!

We need to examine :-

  1. Why are elected politicians paid so much money, when they are ( in principal ) unqualified to do the job (of looking after the nations purse and defense of the realm)!
  2. Why are the people that actually keep the country running ( The invisible army of Engineers, Technicians, skilled and unskilled workers) are paid considerably less than an elected politician? This invisible army are the people that make sure that your lights come on when you switch them on, they make sure that water comes out of the tap, they remove the rubbish from our streets and dispose of human waste, they make sure that you can connect to the Internet and can use email and can communicate with others using mobile and land line phones. Included in this Invisible army are the people that help to keep us healthy and treat the sick (Doctors & Nurses, paramedics etc), people that help to keep us safe and indeed people that risk their lives putting out fires. I haven’t intentionally left anyone out but you can see where I’m coming from. Compared to the amount we pay elected politicians, the “Invisible army” are paid peanuts! What would happen if this “Invisible Army” wasn’t there? We would be back in the “dark ages”!
  3. Why are senior management paid so much , compared to the people that actually carry out the “essence of the business*” and probably know more about the business than senior management!
  4. Why we have so many homeless people in our wealthy nation and why is it increasing!
  5. Why we have “soup kitchens” in our wealthy nation.
  6. Why we have a huge disparity between the well paid and the low paid. There obviously has to be a difference in pay between skilled and unskilled but it’s all teamwork!
  7. Why sports personalities and “entertainment people” are paid huge amounts, whilst the people keeping the country running are paid peanuts.

Things need to change big style, the people need to start taking control of the nation and remove the inequality of the “Haves and the Have Nots”. This would be an unprecedented situation, unknown in the history books but the people (who generate the  wealth for the few) need to start taking control. It is the millions of (wealth generating) people against a handful of wealthy people, which includes the “money people”.

The banks will always have the most wealth because they invented the “money system” that allows them to loan the same £1 to millions of people! It works by the simple rule of “I promise to pay the bearer”! They also invented the “Mortgage”(Death Pledge) which has turned housing into a profit center, when it is really a basic need!

And then we have the numerous parasites who relieve the workers of their “hard earned” to fuel their extravagant life styles. These people are basically “sales” orientated  people, selling dreams!

Time for a change indeed but nothing will change because of apathy, inertia and fear of rocking the boat 🙁 Most of the people will continue to generate wealth for the minority until they don their wooden overcoats!

“Self Serving” (unqualified) politicians don’t help and neither does the “self serving” establishment.

I’m awake and can smell the coffee, can you? The coffee doesn’t smell very nice 🙁

Don’t just think about the poverty stricken, don’t just think about the homeless; do something positive. Many homeless people will die cold, hungry and lonely in the next few months because the gov (past & present) don’t give a sh*t about the poverty stricken. The Gov are only interested in awarding themselves huge pay rises, while most of the people haven’t had a pay rise for several years!

We can’t blame everything on the Gov or establishment or the wealthy, they only number a handful of people, most of the people number close to 40 Million (in the UK!)

Peace & Prosperity to all, share the wealth, share the world.

* “Essence of the business” is the prime function of the business e.g. A company that digs holes, gets paid for digging holes.  That is the essence of the business and in this case the people digging the holes are the ones carrying out the “essence of the business”. Without people to dig holes, the business would not be able to fulfill its prime function! Without a CEO, the business could still fulfill its prime function, unless the CEO was the one digging the holes!