Well we can’t have a go a Politics and leave Religion out of it.

Seems to me that Politics and Religion are “partners in crime”. On the one hand you have elected politicians (Government) using force or threat of force to extract as much money as possible from the tax* paying public and on the other you have religious “leaders” using the old “use emotion to get action” trick, where they promise that we will have a better afterlife if we are good and give them some money. Fortunately they don’t use force or threat of force only to the extent that we will burn in hell etc. However they do seem to be more successful from a wealth point of view and the “Church” probably own more land and property than almost anyone. Unlike the various governments all the wealth held by the Church is the property of the Church – not the nation! Is it me being a little bit too cynical?

Just a note that “taxes” are collected by the Inland Revenue and believe it or not, they are actually above the law!

One thing politics and religion have in common is the higher cause thing or “The greater good” where we are expected to sacrifice our goods, chattels and even our lives for a higher cause. I don’t have a problem with anyone being benevolent but altruism, an invention of Plato the grand master of “mind games*”, is a no no. Seems to me that there is no greater good than mankind, we are tool makers, scientists and scholars. We make things happen (not always for the best) and we control our environment (to some extent), unfortunately we do seem to be raping the planet of it’s resources very quickly but we seem to learn these parasitical ways from politicians and religious leaders. I think it must definitely be me, I must think differently to most people or do I?

“Mind Games” refers to what we know today as Psychology and this “tool” can be more destructive than the Atom bomb. It’s used by Policians, Religious leaders, Sales people and anyone that wants you to do something that you don’t really want to do but it’s to their advantage if you do! Even the Occult and Witchcraft use Psychology because it messes with your mind and can make you lose touch with reality. To be fair, it can be used in a good way to help people get over irational fears and to boost confidence but you have to accept, it’s messing with your mind and can often be more effective than taking mind altering drugs! Check out CBT, this must have been invented by women because new hubby is subjected to the treatment until he ticks ALL the boxes 🙂