Once Great Britain, Now the Great Divide, Part four

Freedom and Independence

Freedom, Independence and Democracy are the corner stones that help achieve peace with our fellow humans. Repression, inequality and intolerance are the cause of unrest and wars; which allow the “divide & conquer” method to succeed! Allowing minority groups (of individuals) to insist on “social” changes is a violation of democracy. To live in relative peace, as a society, “most of” the people need to be in agreement with “whatever”. If most people agree, there are only a few that are unhappy. If those that are unhappy continue to insist of changes, they don’t accept democracy and have no place in a democratic society!

We are all individuals but we live in societies and if we want to live in relative peace with each other, we have to comply with the rules of democracy (which may yet need to be defined) and it’s likely that we will need to live by observing any “social Rules”, which are agreed by most of the people! The social rules should be based on “morals” and that has nothing at all to do with any religion. “If it’s good for me and bad for others”, it is immoral. “If its good for me and good for others” it is moral. That is the starting point, there are lots of situations where it is difficult to apply those 2 “rules” and I don’t advocate “self sacrifice” (Altruism) but fully support benevolence (kindness & Generosity with no ulterior motive)!

Self respect is a biggie, respect for others comes next. Respect (from others) cannot be commanded, it is earned! If you don’t have any self respect, it is unlikely that you will respect others! We all need to live together in relative peace and harmony and the only way is to respect each other and accept our differences. We have to accept that quite often we have to agree to differ and if we go along with what most of agree to, we will live in relative peace and harmony.

Compromise is a situation where no one is happy. It is always best to find a solution where most people are happy, even if this means alternating between doing something you don’t like with something you do like and vice versa.

The great divide of the people of Britain can be neutralised by everyone accepting democracy and the result of any democratic votes. Not everyone will be happy but if “most of” the people (ideally at least 75%) are happy, that’s the main objective! There will always be a small minority of people who think they are better and know better than others, there will always be spiteful, greedy and lazy people but making democracy work will ensure that these undesirables are insignificant.

The people of Britain have demonstrated in the past that they can put their differences aside and stand shoulder to shoulder for the common good. We need to help our fellow Europeans destroy the EC cancer so that the countries of Europe can become friends, neighbours and allies that trade freely in a mutually beneficial manner; without being members of a “club”. The people of Europe (inc Britain) need to extend the hand of friendship to all countries of the world and strive for a world that is at peace with all fellow humans, where we all respect each other and respect our differences and way of doing things.

Lets share the wealth and lets share the world. Lets remove poverty and (involuntary) homelessness. Lets remove greed and corruption! IMO, Politics and Religion are the biggest cause of division between humans!

We are all individuals, muddling through life, trying to make sense of it all and in the grand scheme of things; our existence is just a blink of the eye. Our main goal in life should be achieving happiness but not at the expense of the happiness of others!

How much “money” (wealth) do you need to be happy? Surprisingly, you don’t need much wealth to be happy, some people are “as poor as a church mouse” but still find happiness and in many cases the wealthy are not happy; in some cases the wealth is burden and the cause of great unhappiness. Money can’t buy happiness and good health and it certainly can’t guarantee a long healthy life but being rich and unhappy is probably better than being poor and unhappy 🙂

Nature is a wonderful thing! When a man is doing what nature intended and he’s spreading his seed, he’s happy, When a woman is doing what nature intended and is harvesting mans seed, she’s happy! So rich or poor, doing the natural thing makes you happy 🙂 Happiness can be achieved in many ways that don’t need wealth but we will always have the greedy! Despite what he adverts say, happiness IS NOT a cigar called Hamlet 🙂

We are all individuals. We all think differently, we all like different things, we all (try to) do things our own way. This should not divide us as societies, if we accept that we are all individuals and we are tolerant of those differences. However, we need to accept that sometimes we have to have a “common agreement” where “most of” us agree on a situation!

All nations needs to be “run” in accordance with what “most of” “the people” want.

We all need Freedom and independence, otherwise we are slaves with no individuality.