Once Great Britain, Now the Great Divide, Part three


Britain made the first steps to becoming a democracy in 1918 (Peoples reform act) and rubber stamped this in 1928 when all men and all women over the age of 21 were given the “vote”. This would suggest that the people (the 95%) were given a say in how the country was run, by being able to (in theory) elect a government by the people for the people but the wealth of the nation was (and still is) held by the “5%” (or less), so democracy is basically just a (sound good) word, it is nothing more than an illusion. However, when people bother to vote, they can have some effect on which political party has the ability to form a Gov but the Gov is controlled by the “establishment” and the establishment is controlled by the wealthy !!

It isn’t clear why we elect politicians to, in effect, run the country; most politicians are not qualified to “run the country”. Politicians are basically windbags that use any method possible to get them elected and they are not elected on their ability/ capability or qualifications to potentially carry out ministerial duties and (in theory) run the country by looking after the national purse and defence of the realm..

The “Government” is basically made up of (elected) MPs who are given “Ministerial duties”. The (democratic) election system only decides on which “party” are able to form a Government but the actual “ministers” (Gov) are decided by the leader of the party that win the election, so the people don’t really have a say in which Elected members become ministers; the “cabinet” is the Gov!

Generally speaking, the Gov is made up of unqualified ministers who have advisors (who could have a completely different political view ) Couple this with the “establishment” (the members of such never change from one Gov to another) who also advise the unqualified MPs. Couple this with the realization that the establishment are influenced by the rich, wealthy and those that own most of the land. It can be seen that the perceived “elected Gov” are not really the “Gov elected by the people for the people”!

An elected MP doesn’t really have to do much to get a huge pay out + expenses. An elected MP who is a member of the “opposition”, isn’t doing anything to do with “running the country” but they still get paid a disgusting amount of money + expenses. If we exclude “management” jobs, MPs are paid several fold more than the national average of those that carry out the “essence of business” and who contribute to the wealth of the nation.

MPs don’t do anything to contribute to the wealth of the nation, they only take money from the public purse and some use the expenses as a license to print money.

The Lords don’t do anything to contribute to the wealth of the nation but yet their numbers grow annually and they are not even elected by the people! The (house of) Lords needs shutting down and replacing with an “Upper House” of elected members that number maybe a dozen or so and who represent the people from all walks of life; not just the privileged. The sole purpose of the “upper house” would be to make sure that the Gov are doing what their manifestos promised and that they are indeed looking after the public purse and defence of the realm.

The “Establishment” (Civil servants) don’t change when there is a change of Gov. The permanent secretaries are exactly that and the senior members get paid a hell of a lot more than even the Prime Minister. This should indicate who is actually “running” the country, it certainly isn’t the “elected” Gov.

The current “Boris” Gov appear to be trying to change things for the better but it’s likely that the greed and corruption in the   Westminster cesspit is nested very deeply. If the “Westminster machine” was a computer, a good option would be “format c:” followed by a reboot but the best option would be to destroy the HDD and replace with a new one with a fresh install of the OS 🙂

The wealth of the nation is generated by the 95% and the 95% need to have more say on how the country is run. The 95% should have more say on how the public purse is spent and the defence of the realm; democracy in action!

Britain is host to some 150 £Billionaires (according to Jeremy Corbyn 2019) and yet we have people in paid employment (carrying out the essence of business) living in poverty* and we have a rising number of homeless people and a rising number of “Food Banks and soup kitchens” but we are the 5th or 6th wealthiest nation in the world! In spite of this we have politicians being paid a disgusting amount of money. Do we have a broken society or is it just a broken election system?

*Poverty” can be seen as a relative term! Poverty, 100 or even 200 years ago was a lot different to what we consider poverty in this day and age but generally speaking if people, in paid employment, have to use food banks to “get by”, they are living in poverty. If people (in gainful employment) struggle to pay their utility bills and put food on the table; they are poverty stricken. Business owners / directors etc are rarely, if ever, impoverished, it’s the people carrying out the essence of business that don’t get a fair crack of the whip! People carrying out the “Essence of (the) business” should be paid a fair days wage for a fair days work. Deciding on what is fair is not the easiest of things to do but the “Essence of Business” should be a guide! I.E. without people carrying out the “Essence of Business”, there is no business!

Divide & conquer is still the modus operandi and “keep the people impoverished and uneducated” is the way the 5% keep the 95% under control. The UK is now so divided, it is unreal and this is mainly due to a culmination of “historical events” over hundreds of years but over the past 70+ years the EC cancer has been a large contributor and allowing “elected” politicians to give our country away to a foreign power is a contributing factor. Politicians are the problem not the solution, they will say and do anything to get elected so that they will be paid a disgusting amount of money from the public purse along with a “license to print money” by way of expenses. They promise the Earth and when elected they do the opposite of what they promised and their manifestos are just BS. They have no problems at all in awarding themselves huge pay rises! The politicians distort facts to confuse the nation and present facts that are distorted to suit their purposes. A lot of “facts” are only opinions. Ask a dozen experts about a certain topic and you will probably get 12 different “answers”! If experts disagree, either those that share the same “answer” are the experts and the others are not experts or none of them are experts. If they all have a difference of opinion, that’s fine but opinions are not facts. If they all used the same “facts”, it should follow that their opinions would be basically the same!

The “Establishment” are probably the main cause of the current “Great Divide”, they seem to be a law unto themselves and are out of touch with the people (the 95% who generate the wealth for the 5%). The “Establishment” is made up of mostly very hard working Civil Servants but the senior Civil Servants and “permanent secretaries” appear to think that they run the country and that the elected politicians are there for show! There is more than a good chance that the “Establishment” have been aware of all the “Child Abuse” and “Rape Gangs” but have deliberately “blackholed” this information to suit there own purposes (greed, Corruption)!

In the UK alone, there are some 50+ Million souls and believe it or not, we are are all INDIVIDUALS: some are leaders, some are followers, some don’t give a sh*t but we all have to live together in relative peace so we have to have “rules”. We all have our opinions, based on life experiences and education. We all have our entitlement  to voice our opinions and the only way we can do this is to have a Democracy! Democracy isn’t perfect but it’s the best we can do.

Democracy works by (the people) being tolerant of other peoples opinions and accepting that no opinion is more valid than any other (unless factual evidence can show that a certain opinion is more valid). When it comes to a situation that affects everyone, a vote is often the best method of sorting out what most people would agree to. The “action” that gets the most votes is considered to be the majority. Unfortunately our current “majority” uses the 51% rule i.e. 51% is more than 50%, this might work is some situations but generally speaking, in reality, 51% is not “most of“! A proper majority is “most of” and “most of” would be 75% or higher. Democracy can only work if “most of” the people are of the “same mind”, if we have a situation where less than 75% of the people agree, then we have a lot of unhappy people!

Britain needs to unite and accept democracy. Britain needs to make democracy work, so that “most of” the people are happy. Democracy won’t make everyone happy but without democracy; we are at the mercy of the small minorities that don’t care what “most” people want and where most people are happy.

Everyone has the right to Freedom and Independence. Without freedom, we are slaves, without independence; we are sheep. Without democracy; we are eunuchs with no voice!

The Gov should be elected by “most of” the people and if this was achieved (probably very unlikely) the “opposition” would be a minority but still have a voice. Currently the “elected” Gov is based on the number of seats in parliament and they need 326 seats to get a majority, this means there would be 324 seats in “opposition”. To represent “most of” the people, the Gov would need about 487 seats!

It is important to have an “opposition” but when the “opposition” has nearly half of the seats, it can be seen that this is not a situation where “most of” the people are being represented. Currently (Feb 2020) the Tories have a majority of 80 seats and this means they can do pretty much what they like, even though they don’t represent “most of” the people!

We need to fix the broken voting system, which is designed for a 2 horse race and doesn’t really cater for the “most of”.

The people of Britain need to accept that we all have our differences of opinion and no opinion is more valid than any other. However, where opinions are based on “facts”, it’s likely that these would be more valid.(facts are not opinions, opinions are not facts)

Democracy is all about “most of” and agreeing by “voting”, this is the only way that all the differences of opinion can be condensed to enable a decision to be made. The vote can be made up of a choice of a few options or maybe a choice of 2 options (easiest) but whatever, there has to be a clear decision by “most of” the people. “most of” is the main factor!

Where the decision is made by “most of”, the “division factor” is rendered as impotent!

The EC played an instrumental role in the December 2019 GE, it was merely referendum 3.and it didn’t go in their favour. The EC have been instrumental in causing the “Great Divide” because the UK is the 2nd largest customer of the EU and they don’t want the UK to thrive & prosper outside of the EU and they certainly don’t want the UK to trade less with the EU! Over the past 40 years or so, the EC have been instrumental in destroying the UKs manufacturing businesses and farming; to make sure we buy more from the EU and they even pay huge subsidies to “land owners” to stop them growing things, however the “tenant farmers” don’t see any of these subsidies and still have to find ways to pay the rent!

As humans, we are all INDIVIDUALS and we are all entitled to #Freedom and #Independence, the only way we can live in relative peace and harmony is to accept #democracy where we vote on “issues” and the the most votes are considered to be the decider but only if the vote represents “most of” the people. Anything less than 75% is not “most of”!

A nation that is controlled by a “foreign power” (the EC) is not Free or independent. We NEED our Freedom and independence so that we can thrive and prosper. We NEED to mend broken Britain and remove the EC cancer. We NEED to put our differences aside and unite; that is the only way we can beat the “Divide and Conquer”. We have to accept that we won’t always get what we (personally) want and we have to accept that we have to go along with what “MOST” people want but “Most” needs to be defined as “at least 75%”.

There are still a lot of people in Britain that need to wake up and smell the coffee, they need to put their brains into gear but this will be very difficult for those affected / inflicted with the EC cancer. Britain (and the rest of Europe) don’t need the EC (a foreign power), the EC need Britain (and other European countries)  to contribute to the failed ideology so that they can continue in their aim of an “assimilated” European union and ultimately their designs on world domination. The people of Europe need to step back and look at the big picture.

As of January 31st 2020, Britain made the first step to becoming non members of the EU. We will be tied to the EU for many years but will now have the ability to become more of an independent nation. We legally left the EU on 29th March 2019, under WTO rules but that seems to be being ignored!

The people of Europe need to ditch the EC, EP and ECJ and concentrate on becoming a “United Europe” where we are all friends, neighbours and allies that trade freely and where we share or cultural differences but without the need to all speak the same language and adopt the culture of our neighbours.

Britain has been trading with the countries of Europe for many (hundreds) years and long before becoming members of the EU. We don’t need to be members of a “club” to trade with European countries. The USA is the largest customer of the EU and they don’t have to “pay in” (to the the club) and they are not members of the EU. Other countries, like China and Japan are not members of the EU but still trade with the EU, this would confirm that the UK’s membership of the EU is basically pointless!

Some would say that the UK membership of the EU was illegal due to it contravening the “Constitution” i. e. the people of Britain were not asked if they wanted to become members of the EU. However, they were asked if they wanted to remain in the EEC (Common Market)  and the result was yes but the EEC was hijacked and became the EU, which basically was the beginning of treaties that gave away our country to a foreign power.

Divide and Conquer is working because we have a lot of people that don’t seem to understand that the EU is only a “Political arrangement” (a failed political ideology) and they “buy in” to the BS of the benefits of being “united”. Britain will always be “Geographically” part of Europe so those who want to consider themselves “Europeans”, leaving the EU won’t change anything! The people of Europe have always had the ability to visit and/or re-locate to any other country of Europe or indeed the rest of the world. Not being a member of the EU won’t change this. The EC, EP and ECJ need to be removed, they don’t benefit the people of Europe. In an ideal situation, all the countries of Europe (geographically) would be friends and allies that trade freely with each other and the rest of the world.

The world is made up of about 7 Billion Individuals and we all have our “right” to our opinion. The INDIVIDUAL is the largest “minority” group and “Individual rights” are rarely (if ever) given any Credence.

Lets stop killing each other and be tolerant of others with differences of opinion and way of doing things, lets protect “Individual rights” and accept that we are all individuals. The only way we can all live in relative peace with each other is accept a democratic system where “most of” us can have a common agreement, we won’t ever have a social system where everyone is happy but we need to accept that “most of” is the key and “most of” is 75% or more. Healthy debate is good, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Calling people names and/ or carrying out physical violence because they don’t agree with your opinion demonstrates that “the aggressors” are not ready to live in a democratic society!