Sky Q TV box, latest software upgrade

With all the hype pedalled by Sky about the impending upgrade (Aug 2020), I was expecting something spectacular but it’s just a “Turkish Delight” (full of (Eastern) promise) A.K.A BS. Unfortunately I haven’t seen anything that actually improves anything in a meaningful way. What happened to the being able to see more, quote “We’ve gone widescreen. That way all you need to know about each show is in one handy place. Images are bigger and descriptions are longer. Saves you hunting around for more information.” end quote. You get to see one extra column! As for more information, I’ve yet to see it!

Seeing what has been recorded has changed significantly but certainly not for the better, what were they thinking! The only polite thing I can think of is WTF! or just Why?

EPG, it still takes 5 button presses to see what’s on telly and it still gives very little info about the “program”. It doesn’t tell you when it was first aired or anything useful. But note saying “TV Guide” to the remote box, takes you to the EPG with less button presses, deep joy!

There is still no way to see if you are subscribed to the channel that you want to record from. The Virgin Tivo box seems to do this quite well!

It still has the bizarre feature of scrolling the whole page up instead of the “cursor” downwards. This means that when you “arrow” down to look at something lower in the list, you then have to “arrow” up to the start position to continue to view whats on telly. Tedious and stupid to say the least, IMO 🙂

There is still no option to view the past 7 days EPG or even an hour or two, so you are unable to see what you may have missed and might want to record. The EPG is basically a “work in no progress” !

Series recording. It still records duplicates, in some case I have 4 duplicates – same series number and same episode number and in most cases same channel. There is still no way to reliably see if the recording has been viewed. There is still no way to limit the number of “shows” to record for any given series link and it drags stuff from all over the place. There still is no option to record only “new” e.g what you haven’t already viewed.

There still isn’t a reliable “recording clash” notification when setting something to record.

It still records stuff that “may be of interest” and fills up the HDD so you have to spend ages deleting stuff you never wanted to record!

In some cases, a “show” has several series e.g series 1, series 2 etc. It doesn’t matter if you are now watching series 2, it will download series 1 again grr spit grr. I spend more time deleting stuff than watching stuff I want.

Sky advise that you don’t need to delete items in the deleted folder because it will do this automatically. I can confirm that deleting items in the deleted folder DOES NOT recover any HDD space of meaningful value. This could suggest that the deleted items are “links” and “undelete” recovers them from the Sky servers?

The thing that does recover HDD space is deleting all the stuff you have watched and don’t want to “keep”. Deleting all the dross that Sky automatically download for you (regardless of the fact you have already watched it) will probably recover most HDD space.

The problem with auto delete (which deletes oldest first) is that it deletes stuff that you perhaps haven’t got round to looking at or stuff that you have watched and decided to not delete just yet, in case someone in the family might find interesting but haven’t selected “keep”! If Sky didn’t keep filling your HDD with dross that you don’t want, you would have more control of what needs deleting or recording. How hard would that that be?

With regard to HDD space, there doesn’t seem to be any advance warning that the HDD is getting full but some of the screens show the % of drive space usage. It would be better if this info was more prominent .

It would seem that the decision makers at Sky have their heads in the clouds (pun intended) or they don’t understand technology. I’m pretty sure that the people who write the code are very capable but the people specifying the code are completely out of touch with reality. It is not difficult to find a group of “representative” testers to give feedback on proposed changes before the changes are foisted on the public.

The users of the Sky Q (TV) box need to be able to control what is recorded and what is deleted, currently Sky appear to have complete control and they don’t appear to know what they are doing!

I can’t wait for the time when I can take the Sky Q (TV) box into the garden and talk to it with a 14 pound sledge hammer! IMO, the latest software update was nothing less than “polishing turds”.

Sky Apps for iPad

Sky Go. I’m still trying to find a use for it. The TV guide isn’t brilliant but is usable. Still no option to see (not watch) what is recorded on the Sky Q TV box so if you want to plan your viewing, you can’t do it remotely!

My Sky. This seems to have had a good make over and you can now manage the talk shield again like before but still no option to manage the Sky Q box remotely, other than setting a recording.

In conclusion.

The Sky + TV box was a great bit of kit but the Sky Q TV box is an abomination. I’m looking forward to giving “FreeSat” a go. It won’t have the “talk to the remote” thing but it won’t have all the dross that Sky fill the HDD with and the biggest bonus is no subscription to pay!

It’s doubtful that I would go back to Virgin. I haven’t played with their latest Tivo box but Virgin seem to understand “user control” and seem to have a better understanding of PVRs. Unfortunately Virgin, like Sky, are expensive and IMO don’t offer value for money.

With regards to PVRs / DVRs