Wileyfox Swift 2 x, my new phone

Had the new phone a few days now and have to say I’m loving it. The Swift 2 x has replaced my Nokia Lumia 735 Windows Phone(WP.) WP is not quite dead yet but Microsoft are out of the mobile phone arena and are actively persuading people to migrate to Android. I was going to wait to see what was on offer in the Microsoft Mobile “PC” market, which uses “eSIMS” and always connected but my main need was a mobile phone that integrated well with my Windows 10 desktop and Laptop. The 735 used to do this very well while running the Insider builds but the Facebook app now requires 2GB RAM, it does run with 1GB RAM but takes forever to load up, similar situation with FB Messenger. I had to accept that the 735 was a bit dated so I decided not to prolong the agony, no more Insider builds to play with and only a few security updates. A lot of the new features in Win 10  just didn’t work with the 735.

It’s no secret that I’m a BIG fan of Microsoft and love the way that WP10 integrated with Windows 10 (the best thing since the Industrial revolution – maybe) and Cortana. I do play with several flavours of “Linux” (SUSE, UBUNTU, CentOS) but have found the earlier versions of Android to be a little on the “Caviliar” side of things and quite a lot different to Windows but my wife has a Wileyfox Swift phone and a Lenovo tablet both running Android 7.1.2 (Nougat) and I’m fairly impressed with it; the menus seem to be fairly easy to navigate and are more intuitive than earlier versions. Looking forward to giving Oreo a test drive 🙂

I’ve been looking for Android phones with at least 3GB RAM that have USB type C and it’s a minefield! I’ve dismissed iPhone due to the lack of customization and the enforced “Apple way of doing things”.

Microsoft Launcher got my attention, it means that I can have an Android phone and make it a “Microsoft phone”! This just means disabling all the built-in Google stuff and use the Microsoft equivalent.

The Swift 2 x is a pretty good spec with 3GB RAM and USB C charging, it compares well with more expensive phones. It’s currently running 7.1.2. and will hopefully get Android 8(Oreo) in the next few days/weeks. I could download Oreo but I’m happy to wait a while.

The Swift 2 x is a little longer than the 735 and a tad wider but is still very comfy to hold and the screen is nice and clear; don’t have to use my Specs as much to see the words!

I’ve disabled most of the Google stuff and installed Microsoft Launcher so I now have Outlook for email and calendar, Edge as the browser, Onedrive and of course Cortana. This means I have a phone that is very similar to a Windows Phone but has the added advantage of being able to run a lot more Apps that aren’t available in Windows Phone. The integration with Cortana on the Swift and my Desktop seems to do all that I need.

Overall, I just love this phone. It’s nice to hold and seems very responsive, the Apps I’ve installed seem to be well behaved. The 3GB RAM seems to be more than adequate but I don’t usually have a lot of apps open. I use VLC to play my music, from the SD Card and I’m basically happy as Larry 🙂

If you’re a WP user, I’d definitely recommend the Swift 2 x, along with Microsoft Launcher. However, I think that Outlook works better on a WP (and iPad). The ‘Droid version doesn’t have the “Link accounts” option and it seems to randomly put messages into an “Archive” folder, which isn’t a huge problem but I never archive; I either delete or save them in my “Local Folders” Inbox.

I use Thunderbird along with IMAP on my main desktop and laptop. All mail is downloaded to my desktop and is backed up to my own “Private Cloud” (CentOS server) and I’m very happy to use the delete key 🙂

Microsoft Launcher is a “Work in Progress” and I basically  like what it does; for people that like WP, this is as close as you’re going to get.

The Swift 2 x has a lot of features and compares well with other more expensive phones.