Brexit and the 95% November 2018

November 2018

Update May 2019

Well well well, what a complete bollox the Gov are making of #Brexit! The people democratically voted to LEAVE the EU, there was no option for a soft or hard Brexit. The choice was LEAVE or Remain, those who voted to LEAVE voted for #Freedom #Independence #Democracy and under the current rules the LEAVE votes got the majority; 52% is cr*p but under the current democratic rules 52% is more than 48%. So in principle we have a nation that is pretty much 50/50 and the losers are doing everything possible to undermine the democratic result and are demanding a second vote, it seems they want us to keep voting until they (and the EC) get the result they want!

The 52% /48% relates to the actual votes, 28% didn’t vote (for whatever reason) and under the “rules” of democracy, those that don’t vote automatically give their vote to the “majority”, so this takes the LEAVE vote to 80% but more importantly it means that those who voted to remain are only approx 30% of those entitled to vote; in reality those who voted to remain are a small proportion of the nation.

I haven’t heard or read any convincing arguments as to why we should stay in the EU, everything is scaremongering by people with Luddite tendencies. Most “Remoaners” that I have come across, don’t seem to be the brightest of bulbs but those that do have a glimmer of light are unable to give any convincing reasons as to why we should remain in the EU. The “Remoaners” appear to be sheep like minded and appear to be not free-thinkers, instead they appear to want to be led and told what to do and what to think. They appear to like being hog tied and being told what to do and how to live their lives by a bunch of un-elected (failed*) politicians a.k.a. Despots and Dictators. It seems quite likely that (high profile) “remoaners” are into BDSM and don’t have a grasp on reality; in their world, being tied up and abused or tying people up and abusing them is “normal”! It’s quite surprising to learn that there are over 100 MPs on the “Sex Offenders” list* (appears to be genuine.) One thing for certain is that some “High Profile” politicians over the years have been “associated” with “Sex Offenses” and the current investigations into “Child abuse” seem to suggest that the ROT is from the top down, with cover up after cover up. However, I think that in the main most politicians are trying to do the best they can to further their “ideals”, without resorting to corruption or deviant sexual activity; they rely on being “economical with the truth” 🙂

Based on the result of the referendum The current gov should be made up entirely of those 100% in favour of Brexit to enable the gov to deliver the Brexit that the people voted for! If the people doing the talking don’t have their heart in #Brexit, they are not going to get the best deal! The best deal is “no deal”(WTO), we don’t want to be still tied to the EU; we want OUT! Democracy must be seen to work, those that still insist on going against the “will of the people” should be incarcerated or deported because they are “undesirables” that don’t accept democracy ! We don’t currently have a “working Democracy” because we are controlled by the EC despots. If we can achieve a clean Brexit, democracy is working.

*Failed politicians. The current “presidents” of the EC are all ex politicians that were basically sacked by their respective countries but how did they become presidents of the EC? It’s likely that Soros has something to do with it, they weren’t elected and yet they pay themselves $M (Euros) a year tax free. They might be failed politicians and it seems they don’t seem to have a grasp on reality and don’t seem to be the sharpest knives in the box but they are presidents of the EC and basically control some 28 nations! It would seem they are all puppets but it isn’t clear who the puppet master is; Soros is a contender but there is so much corruption that it’s difficult to see who the puppet masters are.

“All things are negotiable but don’t negotiate unless you have to, if you have to negotiate; do it before you get to the bargaining table” (John Winkler) IMO, it’s a done deal and all the cr*p we are being fed is just political theatre.

It does seem pointless trying to negotiate with the EC; they only make demands and our spineless politicians just agree but to be fair, politicians are just puppets of “The PRO_EU Establishment“. Negotiating is basically a game of poker, you can’t negotiate if both sides know what the other has in their hand ! IMO, the EC have zero in their hand, they need us more than we need them but yet they still keep making stupid demands and our spineless politicians just cave in!

With regard to negotiations, we voted to LEAVE; no other discussion required. The current “negotiations” are or should only be about our future relationship with the EU. Yes we need to talk about and maybe negotiate the terms of our leaving e.g. we need to agree on things that we have committed to but if they haven’t happened yet, we’re out so we don’t have any future commitment!

The “divorce bill” This would be akin to ordering a round of drinks at the bar, if you cancel the order before the order has been actioned (e.g. no pints have started being pulled) then no costs would be incurred by the bar or the person ordering the drinks. However, if the order has already started to be actioned (e.g. a few pints have already been pulled) then it would be perfectly acceptable for the bar to charge for the drinks already pulled; unless the drinks could be sold to other punters, at no loss the bar.

The questions we should be asking are:-

a. “How did these failed politicians become unelected presidents of the EC”

b. “How did the idea of having an EC come about and succeed”

c. “How did the idea of having a European Parliament come about and succeed”

d. “Is our membership of the EU legal” The nation was asked (by way of referendum) about joining the “Common Market” (EEC) but were not asked about joining the EU, this would appear to be in contravention of the “constitution” and suggests that our membership of the EU is, in principle, Illegal!

e. “why have we let politicians sell us down the river and give our country away”

So we have had a few high profile resignations and now we have a Gov that is made up entirely of “Pro_EU” members, alongside the Pro-EU “Establishment”. The PM is and appears to have always been Pro-EU and it seems she wants to take charge of the negotiations. She tells us “Brexit means Brexit” but she seems to be working toward a BINO (Brexit In Name Only). The thing is, the people voted to LEAVE and that was basically the end of any negotiations ! The only valid negotiations now are those about our “relationship” with the EC after our departure! We shouldn’t be trying to negotiate “terms of our departure”, the people have voted to LEAVE! Leave means bye bye EU or bye bye EC. We don’t want to be members of the EC club, we want or Country back, we want to be in charge of our borders, we want to make or own laws and we don’t want a “foreign power” telling us what and how to do things, we want to put the “Great” back into Britain! Basically, we want to put the clock back to 1973, we didn’t need the EC then and we don’t need them now; the EU is a con job that survives by corruption. Unfortunately we have too many people (in potentially influential positions) feeding at the EU trough, who receive significant amount of cash from the EU/EC and if we achieve a clean break Brexit, the cash cow disappears !

With regard to our future relationship with the EU, after our departure, it is the EU that need to get the best deal they can from Britain, the EU depends quite a lot on Britain, with regard to exports. Britain mainly import stuff from the EU but exports are very much on the low side, by comparison. The EC should be doing all they can to make sure that the remaining member states don’t lose out on trade deals, beating their chests and making stupid demands is not the way to go. The EC can basically be laughed out of existence, they are a cancer that need eradicating.

After our departure (if we escape), the world is our oyster (but only if we get a clean break) and other countries are anxiously awaiting to set up trade deals with the UK. These deals won’t involve having to pay into the despot (EC Mafia) fund and we can negotiate trade deals that are mutually beneficial. The remaining EU members will still want our money from tourism and they will still want us to buy their goods  but after our departure, they will have to compete with other countries, If we do it right; natural business dynamics will take place, as long as we don’t let politicians interfere!

The EC/EU have nothing in their hand, Britain does not need the EU, they need us more than we need them but the politicians appear to have given in to the demands of the EC. The EC should be doing their very best to get a good trading agreement with Britain, we buy about a 1/5th of all the German cars produced, we buy produce from Spain, we buy white goods from Italy. We import more stuff from the EC than we Export, which means the EU need us more than we need them. The EC are not in a position to make demands! they are a cancer!

The EC is a cancer that needs to be removed, so that the people of Europe can trade freely in a world that exists where natural business dynamics exist; without political interference! A “United Europe” is what every European should desire, we don’t need the EC or the EP; we just need the ability to to talk to our fellow Europeans  and set up mutually beneficial trade deals. We need to accept our differences and embrace the differences in culture but we don’t all have to be the same. We all have our way of doing things and we don’t need to lose our “Identity” to trade with each other.

It’s a Topsy turfy world where the “tail wagging the dog” seems to be the accepted “Norm”

The “Establishment” are the “tail” wagging the dog, politicians are just puppets of the “Establishment”

We NEED an elected Gov that are 100% committed to delivering #Brexit but this won’t happen because the “Establishment” are Pro-EU and our politicians are puppets of the “establishment” !

The “People” need to take charge. The “people” are the 95% who generate the wealth for the 5%. We NEED to share the wealth. Each of the EU member states NEED to regain their identity.

#NODEAL is absolutely the very best option for Britain. A complete clean break! Our European friends will still want us to buy their goods but the EC will try to prevent this, unless we stay /pay in to their “protection racket”. The whole of Europe need to denounce the EC as a corrupt cesspit, that no one needs but some “member states” are more equal than others!

From a reality point of view, the “Banks” control not just the country but the world! The Banks invented the “money system” and will always have the most wealth. Banks sell money and their “M.O.” is to keep as many people as possible in debt because if you owe them money, you become a (their) puppet!

Looking back through history, since humans started living in “societies”; we have always had a situation where a handful of people have had the most wealth, the 5%! Throughout history, it seems that the wealth of any nation is generated by the “95%” but our lives have been controlled by the “5%”. Brexit probably won’t change this but it will (hopefully) allow Britain to become autonomous and put the “Great” back into Britain.

It’s likely that after #Brexit, the “5%” will still control the country but if the “95%” wake up and smell the coffee, maybe we can share the wealth and eradicate greed and poverty. Maybe Brexit will be the start of a renewed united UK where we all work (and live) together to get rid of corruption and we have a sharing of the wealth. Maybe the idiot “Wee Jimmy” will accept that democracy is all about numbers. She represents maybe 3M people and it seems that not all of them are remoaners; the rest of Scotland seem to want Brexit! Yorkshire alone has more people than the whole of Scotland; when will that idiot of a woman realise that she’s just an idiot. She wants “Independence” (from England) but wants to give it away to the EC! What a moron, wonder if she actually knows what day it is!

Realistically (if we get a meaningful Brexit), nothing will change, the 95% will still generate the wealth for the 5% and will continue to be sh*t on!

The way forward is to :-

a. Remove the House of Lords. We might need an “Elected Upper house” to make sure the “Elected Gov” are doing the job they were elected to do but the current HoL are mainly “Self-serving” and unelected and don’t represent the “95%”.

b. Amend the broken election system, which is designed for a “2 horse race”. We NEED a system where it is a legal requirement to vote and the system NEEDS to be amended to make sure that the “Elected Gov” are elected by at least 75% of the people voting and spoilt votes are counted toward the majority.  When 75% is not reached, we either re-vote or we have a coalition Gov where the PM is elected by the people, not by the number of seats!

c. We need a system where the “Establishment” are not able to ride roughshod over the desires of the 95%. Having an elected Gov of 75% of the people would help to address this. The “Establishment” are there to implement the will of the people, otherwise the “Democratic” voting system is just a game! The “Establishment” are the tail wagging the dog! We need to change this.

d. We need a system where the 95% “run” the country so that everyone benefits and the wealth is shared, the wealth is created by the 95% and this has probably been the situation since humans started living in “societies”! Having a Gov elected by at least 75% of the people will help address this.

e. We NEED to remove the situation where CEOs and senior management are paid £M (and still get huge bonuses even when the company is not performing well) while the people (employees) who carry out the “Essence of the business” are paid peanuts! The Employer/ Employee situation should be “Mutually Beneficial” at all times. Employees who carry out the “Essence of the business” are the one who should be suitably remunerated; without people carrying out the “Essence of business”, there isn’t a business!

f. We NEED to remove “Self_Serving” politicians and maybe reduce the amount we pay politicians, at least have a good look at the expenses they claim. IMO, a minimum wage would be suitable for politicians; with a bonus system for the times they do anything useful! A lot of politicians do work long hours and try to get the best deal they can for their constituents and should be suitably rewarded, they are not all self-serving free loaders.

g. We need to make sure that the “Invisible Army” are suitably remunerated because without these people our current modern lives would not be possible! The “Invisible Army” make sure that clean wholesome water comes out of your tap, lights come on when you hit the switch, the gas boiler lights when needed, the phone works, streets are cleaned, refuse is removed, your poo is made to disappear, you are able to access the Internet. Without the “Invisible Army” of Engineers, Scientists, skilled and unskilled workers, we would be in the dark ages. In the main, these people know their jobs and don’t need several tiers of overpaid managers telling them what to do! In my experience of over 45 years in the work place arena, most managers are not qualified engineers or scientists or even skilled workers. Managers are 10 a penny but good managers are worth their weight in gold! Good managers accept that qualified people know how to do their job and then make sure that they have all the tools and equipment needed to get the job done. Good managers are part of the team!

Clean Brexit = No deal, a complete break from the EC/EU with no ties.

It’s unlikely that a clean Brexit will make much difference to everyday life but with a Clean Brexit, there is hope! A clean Brexit will give us the opportunity to trade with the WORLD, without having to pay into the EC Mafia club.

A Clean Brexit will give us the opportunity to reverse the damage done by politicians over the past 40+ years but “the people” need to wake up and accept responsibility for the way their country is run, 95% is a hell of a lot more than 5% but will it change? Probably not!

One thing for sure is that if we don’t get a clean Brexit, we are going to be thrashed by the EC for daring to vote to leave and we will be worse off than what we were before. We will be made an example of so a clean Brexit is the only sensible and rational way forward. If we can achieve a clean Brexit, others will follow. The EU is a sinking ship but it can become a “United Europe” and continue to float if we ditch the EC and the EP; neither are needed!