Brexit getting nearer or is it?


Despite the actions of balmpot remoaners who don’t accept democracy, Brexit does seem to be getting closer; in theory! Of course most of “the reported news” is political theatre, the biggest stumbling block to achieving a nice clean Brexit is having politicians doing the talking 🙂

The current “negotiations” are basically nothing more than a competition to see who can p*ss up the wall the highest and to give the Remoaners more time to come up with Brexit blocking plans!

Politicians have sold us down the river for years and they probably will with Brexit. The Common Market had merit but it was hijacked, when no one was looking and it became the EU; which is run by a bunch of despots and dictators who are not elected and are not interested in #Democracy or what is best for “the people”. The EC are basically parasites that interfere with natural business dynamics and prevent mutually beneficial Free Trade Agreements between European countries. In addition, the EC prevent FTAs with non – EU countries. To turn the dagger, the EC even gives British “farmers” (wealthy land owners, not the tenant farmers ) a subsidy to NOT grow stuff; this makes sure we buy produce/food from the other European countries! Brexit will leave the door open for Britain to grow most of the food we need, it might mean having fields of poly tunnels and could involve hydroponics (alongside fish farming) and it could even include “vertical farming” to make use of the old empty warehouses and mills. Vision is what the spineless remoaners lack. A proper Brexit will mean the creation of a new Britain for our young, a Britain with vision that will remove poverty and homelessness. Hopefully our young can work toward “sharing the wealth” and not allow the greedy rich (not all rich are greedy) to control the wealth creating people.

The EC despots are going to do everything they can to ensure they are still going to get their “pound of flesh”, just the same as any “protection gang /Mafia would do”; they are not happy that the British people have had the audacity and shear temerity to vote to leave. It is evident that the EC army of shoe lickers have been instructed by their masters to cause as many problems as possible; with the intention of trying to prevent #Brexit from happening or to make sure it’s a #Brexit “in name only”! How did the “un-elected” EC come about, does anyone know? How did we allow the EC, answerable to no one but the EC, to be created?

The British people have voted to stand up to the EC bullies and are saying “enough is enough”. The EC are a bunch of crackpot despots with delusions of grandeur. Other “member states” are now looking to abandon the EU and this means that the EC are going to lose a LOT of revenue! (have you seen how much an (Un-elected) EC President gets paid – tax free) So in principle the EU is a sinking ship with no lifeboats. The EC is redundant as is the EP, neither are needed for a United Europe.

Another referendum is not needed; we haven’t got what was voted for yet! The EC will keep pressuring their shoe lickers to try to force another referendum and another and another until they get the result they want!

What about voting on the final deal? We had a general election and a gov, that would be responsible for getting us out of the EU, was elected. I would have preferred an all party Brexit Gov made up entirely of Pro-Brexit MPs but hey ho. Would that suggest a lack of democracy? Nope, it would mean that people who  are 100% committed to Brexit would be doing deals that would benefit Britain, not the EC.

There are still quite a few EC shoe lickers that have/had plans to get on the EU gravy train and “do a Kinnock”(Have you seen how much money the “Anti-European-Union” Kinnocks are raking in.) Then of course we have the few very wealthy, who don’t even live in the UK, who are determined to throw their money about trying to undermine democracy. These people are not acting in the best interests of Britain, they are only concerned with self-interest; fueled by greed and arrogance.

People that voted to leave, voted for Freedom (from the EC despots), Independence (to make our own laws and control our own borders), Democracy (which is alien to the EC dictatorship), Identity (to retain the customs and practices of the British people). The people voted to make Britain great again. Britain once led the world in Science and Engineering, it had an Empire but we won’t dwell on that 🙂 Britain does not need the EU and no one needs the parasitic EC or EP.

Two World Wars have been fought to stop dictators. Millions of lives were lost in pursuit of freedom, independence and democracy to try to achieve the ultimate goal of peace but politicians have given away our Freedom and Independence over the past 40 years or so and we now have 5 dictators; well done politicians, NOT!

Remoaners appear to NOT WANT #Freedom #Independence #Democracy. It would seem they like being chained, hog tied and under the control of despot “masters” and prefer being told what to do and what to think; they are not free thinkers or maybe they are just “Luddites” that are afraid of change for the better! Whatever their reasons, what is best for the nation; isn’t one of them!

The “Doom & Gloom” of leaving the EU is pure fiction, in reality things are on the up and will likely get better after #Brexit (if it happens). There may be a few casualties but overall, the gains will be worth it. #Freedom, #Independence, #Democracy is priceless!

The very best thing to do with regards to Brexit, is to walk away and have a complete clean break! The people voted to leave, there was no option for a soft Brexit or a hard Brexit; the option was “leave or remain”! All negotiations about leaving or staying have been done and a vote was taken, end of!

The European countries will still want us to buy their cars and wine and white goods etc. If other non-EU countries are offering better deals for us; its competition time using natural business dynamics!

For the Brits with holiday homes or indeed resident in the EU countries, if they are generating a financially  beneficial situation to the host country; It’s unlikely to change!

The EC really need to be stop acting like idiots. Brits don’t like being threatened and bullied but the EC are sh*t scared; they know the EU is a sinking ship!

Unfortunately we still have the likes of JC (the Pied Piper) who are still trying to groom our young with bullsh*t and lies! We were all young at some stage and the people of my age group were conned (grooming wasn’t a word back then) into accepting the Common Market and ultimately the EU! We still have the likes of the #Warmonger (Tony the phony) and other useless has-beens (e.g. Major, Tarzan etc) Beware of politicians, they speak the truth but only the truth as they see it! It would be better if they were honest but it is very rare to have honesty and politician in the same sentence ! Not all politicians are “self-serving” but in the main, politicians are puppets of the wealthy and “the Establishment”.

All current negotiations with the #EC are pointless. In principle, the talks are to agree on our “relationship ” with the EU after our departure. It is totally pointless negotiating with a “sinking ship”; how can a wreck keep to its agreements when it’s on the sea bed? It will always be desirable to have a “United Europe”; one with no EC (because there is no need) and with no EP (European Parliament) because there is no need, each country have their own politicians. Each country have their own customs and practices, each country have their own identity but we can still be united; without loss of our customs and practices or identity. All European countries can be friends and allies if we accept each others differences. The EC want to merge and meld all the European countries into one conglomerate to achieve a “European Union”, which means that each country will lose its identity, each country will just be a part of the EU; controlled by the EC!

If we can achieve a clean break from the EU, the world is our oyster. FTA’s are abound all around the world, other non-EU countries are queuing up to make trade deals; the EU need us more than we need them and they know it! Britain imports a lot more from the EU than we export to the EU. The sensible thing (for the EU) to do would be to get rid of the EC (and EP) and then ensure that each country set up FTA agreements to ensure that EU member states can still offer competitive prices to reduce the potential trade losses; which may occur if Britain can source the same goods from non-EU sources.

Natural Business dynamics work extremely well, until politicians get involved! No such thing as a level playing field, competition keeps prices down and quality of service up; win win for everybody (except the parasites.)

How did the EC come about?  No one elects the EC “presidents”, the EC are dictators that have used politics to hijack a potentially mutually beneficial “Common Market” and put themselves in to positions of “power” but this “power” is delusional, they only have “power” if the people give it to them and recognise it. The people with “Real Power” are “the people” of each nation; in Britain alone, we have close to 40 Million “people” generating the wealth for the comparative few rich & wealthy. “The people” can laugh the EC out of existence! “the people” can make change happen but they have to wake up and smell the coffee!

The main thing to bear in mind is that politics is just a tool. The World, not just Europe, is “controlled by the wealthyand always has been! (check your history books) In particular, it is “controlled” by the banks; they invented the money system and they will always have the most money! There’s a few with a sackful (or few) of money, that aren’t bankers, who think they can throw their money about and buy people, because everyone has their price!

Regardless of what the people voted for, Brexit will only happen if the wealthy want it! The people that generate the wealth, don’t get much of a look in but the politicians have to make it look like “the people” are getting what they want or risk a civil war! The current Gov are at risk of causing a civil war, “the people” voted to leave the EU (Brexit) but the politicians are still “selling us down the river” and letting the EC have all their demands met. It isn’t possible to “negotiate” with despots and dictators who have the upper hand but the EC do not have the upper hand and yet we are still bowing to their demands!

Time for a change, Time for “the people” (who generate the wealth for the few) to start “controlling” the Nations purse, Time to start sharing the wealth, Time for “the people” to address the gap between the rich and the poor, Time for “the people” to get more of a share of the wealth they create!

Britain is one of the few wealthy countries and modern technology is at the forefront of our lives but we are stuck with Victorian attitudes, it seems, where we have a handful of wealthy people being made wealthy by 90+% of “the people”. A lot of the wealthy are terrified of Brexit because “the people” have spoken, they are afraid that “the people” (a.k.a. the wealth generators for the few) will want to address the imbalance of rich verses poor. The wealthy are running sh*t scared because “the people” are smelling the coffee and are not liking the smell!

Brexit may be the catalyst to putting the “Great” back into Britain. Who knows, maybe Brexit will be the beginning of the end of homelessness and poverty but only if “the people” want it and make it happen! Politicians will only ever talk about it!

Some of the rich & wealthy are in favour of Brexit. Those in favour appear to be mainly  “Self-made-wealthy” that produce goods or services that benefit “the people”; which in turn allows them to become wealthy and that is absolutely brilliant. Problem + Solution = Profit! If the solution benefits all, brilliant!

The wealthy not in favour (of Brexit) appear to be basically “parasites” e.g. the EC and banks that don’t really give any real benefit to “the people”, their only interest is “self”; their only motivation seems to be greed! #Freedom #Independence #Democracy are things that make it difficult to control “the people”. Banks control “the people” by getting as many as possible into debt (Loans, buy now pay tomorrow etc) because when you borrow money, you become a puppet and under their control! They encourage people to be in debt so that they (the banks) have a regular income!

BREXIT, may happen but it’s likely not going to be the Brexit that “the people” voted for! We need an elected Gov that is 100% committed to a Brexit that will benefit “the people”, not just the wealthy! We need a Gov that represents “the people”; a Gov elected by the people for the people! In my book, the current offerings are “none of the above”! The current PM has always been pro-EU!

In my book, nothing will change; we’ll still have the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. We’ll still have working people living in poverty, we’ll still have homeless people, we’ll still have a “tail wagging the dog” situation where “the People” that generate the wealth for the few are still sh*t on, we’ll still have politicians getting huge pay rises while “the people” (who carry out the essence of business and keep the country running) get little or no pay rise!

Do you feel lucky 🙂

Unfortunately luck has nothing to do with it! Until “the people” stand up and stop being apathetic, nothing will change; for the better! The world is controlled by a handful of people that have become wealthy from the hard work of “the people”. The harder “the people” work, the richer the rich will get!

FWIW, I fly no political flag, I don’t accept labels and try to ground myself in reality. I can smell bullsh*t from a long way off.  I look at the big picture and find that reality isn’t all that great 🙂

Like a certain billionaire, I am non materialistic but unlike a certain billionaire; I don’t own my own island!

Like a certain EC President, I enjoy the odd bottle or two of Cognac; it does help dull reality 🙂

Bottoms up!