WiFi (or wireless) is so convenient but isn’t noted for its reliability. It has got better over the years but due to its convenience, more people are using it and with only 12 channels to use, congestion is becoming more of a problem but a bigger problem is overlap/interference. What is happening is that all of your neighbours are using WiFi and are likely on the same channel so interference is not helping you get the best WiFi experience.

I addition, WiFi is just another “radio” signal and as such is subject to many problems, ranging from atmospheric to stray electrical signals from microwaves, radios etc.

The shear convenience of being able to use your laptop anywhere in the house (or garden if you’re lucky) and have you smartphone connect to your WiFi anytime it’s in range is brilliant but you have to accept, it’s never going to be as reliable or as secure as a cable connection!

I’ve been using WiFi and its close relation, Bluetooth since its beginnings and have had to resolve many of the pitfalls. I can help you get the best of WiFi but sometimes WiFi isn’t the best solution.

If you need help with WiFi and/or other connectivity solutions, contact me.

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