Windows 8.1 Update, is it worth the wait?

Although released on the 17th, I thought I’d give it a few days but yesterday was the day. Did some housekeeping to get rid of clutter on my main PC. Used Macrium Reflect to make a disk image of my drive C and then went to the “store”. I looked for ages for the Windows 8.1 update but it wasn’t there! Somehow I found my way to featured Apps and there it was. Disabled Vipre Internet Security and Malwarebytes Pro and proceeded with the download/install. Seemed to take for ever to download and start the install and was then advised I needed to uninstall Vipre. Restarted after removal of Vipre and continued, seemed to be going ok but it was obvious it was going to be a long job. After a couple of hours (at least) I was finally into Windows 8.1 after many restarts and a few questions! Now I had to re-install Vipre, no dice, the installer I had was an old one. Live support sent me a link to an up-to-date installer and all progressed well. All in all, I’d probably spent best part of the day, including doing the image and now have 8.1 🙂

Was it worth the effort? To be honest, I’m not really sure!

What have I gained? A start button and the ability to re-size tiles on the Metro \ Tile World screen and the ability to bypass Tile World at start up and go straight to the desktop – that will save me about 10 secs (or less) every boot 🙂

The start button, takes you to an icon world that shows all the progs and apps installed and there’s an arrow, which on clicking takes you to Tile world.  Why the extra step is needed is beyond me!

I’m sure there are other improvements but as of yet they are not apparent. The Apps still run in full screen – why! To be fair, you can now have several Apps running and in a fashion can have several screens open – after a bit of a faff but surely the sensible thing to have done would have been to make the Apps window re-sizable, like we have always been able to do! I don’t use any of the Apps so it’s not a big problem, the desktop versions seem to work better anyway 🙂

It probably wasn’t a complete waste of a day but I don’t feel I have gained much!

I’m using a desktop PC with a 23″ widescreen display plus keyboard and mouse. Maybe “Touchscreen” users will get more benefit.

For the record, my smartphone is an HTC Radar running Windows 7.5/7.8 and I love it. I’ve also played with Windows 8 phones and love them too but a desktop PC is not a smartphone!

It seems that a lot of the benefits are “under the hood” and maybe be aimed more at business users, have a look at the article from technet (Microsoft)

And the FAQ from technet,

Both are a good read.