Still not upgraded Windows 10?

If you still haven’t done the FREE upgrade to Windows 10, why? Until July it’s a FREE upgrade from Windows 7, 8, 8.1, after July if you want 10 you’ll have to pay for the upgrade, just do it ๐Ÿ™‚ Scared you might not like it? If you’re on Windows 7, you’ll love 10. If you’re on Windows 8 / 8.1, you’ll love 10. If you’re still running XP, there’s no hope for you ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously Windows 10 is the best thing from Redmond since Windows 2000 (IMO).

Excluding business users and people that have specialised software that won’t run on Win 10, I can’t see any valid reason why you wouldn’t want to do the FREE UPGRADE to Windows 10! Without a doubt, 10 is the most secure Operating System (OS) that Microsoft has released and its getting better all the time due to the Microsoft Insider Program. Microsoft are listening to what you want so hopefully we won’t be getting anymore Windows Millenium (ME) or Vista embarrasments!ย  Some might say Windows 8 was a mistake too, I don’t think so except for the loss of the start menu but Windows 8.1 (IMO) rectified this. Stop being a Luddite, you can’t stop change and evolution ๐Ÿ™‚

I have Windows 10 running on kit that is so old it’s embarrasing to admit but you shouldn’t have any problems with kit that is only a few years old! The main thing to remember is that once you have done the free upgrade to 10, you can still go back to your old OS if you don’t love 10.

Before you do the Free upgrade.

You should have a “Get Windows 10” icon showing up on your task, this means that your PC meets most of the requirements to run 10, however it’s not a guarantee and there maybe some issues with drivers if your PC manufacturer hasn’t released any updated drivers for 10. The good news is that MS seem to have generic drivers that seem to work for most people. Clicking on the “get 10” icon registers your interest and 10 will be downloaded over the next few days or weeks (you can force it but that’s another blog)

I’d recommend installing Macrium Reflect (Free to personal users) and doing a diskimage (backup) before doing the upgrade, then if you really can’t get on with 10, you can go back to as you were before or you can use the option in Windows Update to drop it back. I prefer the diskimage option.

After the Free upgrade to 10

Hopefully everything went smoothly and you’re pleasantly surprised with 10. It’s still the Windows that you know but it’s had a massive makeover. Some things, like settings, have been moved but the “Start” button is back and it’s now very easy to find all your programs using the the new “Start Menu”. Right-clicking the Start icon brings up the “Power user” menu and familiar options like control panel.

We’re all different and we all like different things, you will love some things about 10 and you will maybe hate some things about 10 but overall 10 is the way to go and Microsoft are listening! Use the “Windows Feedback” to let Microsoft know what you think. Try being positive and tell them what they could do better, don’t just whinge & moan. If they get enough feedback requests for certain features, they will impliment them or drop them. If you have any interest in helping to shape Windowsย  join the Insider Program and get new features and updates before they go public. This will give you the opportunity to give feedback on what it fixes and what is breaks, get involved! Windows tries to be all things to all people, your feedback will help!

Some negative things about 10

Due to the negative feedback over the years about the security of Windows, MS have now taken charge of security at the most basic level and this starts with security updates but MS are now looking at security on a big picture model. Some might complain that the “enforced” security updates are not conveniently timed but they can always be done when you shutdown your PC. Security updates are meant to fix problems (or potential problems), why would you not want to do the updates? One reason is that MS have earned the reputation of breaking things with updates. This isn’t as big an issue as it used to be but there’s still a chance that a security update might break something. Windows is installed on millions of PCs and all have differences in the way they are set up and used, all probably have different programs and applications installed. Realistically speaking, it’s impossible for MS to test the miriad of different configurations before they release a bug or security fix. To be sure of problem free updates, do a disk image before doing any updates, simples!

More secure

IMO, since Windows 8, the protection and security build-in has meant that 3rd party antivirus/antimalware isn’t really necessary. From what I can see, the 3rd party Antivirus vendors disable the protection built-in to Windows to enable you to use their protection! At one time I would have suggested that “security application vendors” understood more about security but no one knows more about Windows than Microsoft! Windows Defender now does a pretty good job, as does the Firewall, but nothing is 100% so I would always recommend installing Malwarebytes and doing a regular scan to ensure Defender was doing its job or using the on-line virus checking.

Some really good bits

If you have a “Windows phone”, you will love the integration between your phone and your PC. This works best when both Phone and PC are running Win 10. Cortana is the “bridge”, along with Onedrive but currently I think Apple are still leading the way with integration.

There’s lots of really good bits about 10 but a lot of things you will do differently. Fortunately, 10 is customisation so you can still tweak settings to your hearts content. There’s still lots of different ways to do things but some things have changed and you’ll have to do a bit of learning new tricks!

Options if you don’t want to upgrade to 10.

If you’re still on XP, don’t connect to the Internet!

Have a look a Linux Ubuntu, its free, it’s open source and it’s quite nice to use. It isn’t Windows and it does things a lot differently to Windows but its quite easy to use. An alternative is Linux SUSE, again nice to use but a very long way from Windows. There’s a few other Linux alternatives but most Linux stuff is still a bit geeky and isn’t as simple to use as Windows.