Once Great Britain, Now the Great Divide, Part two


Despite our successes in 2 great wars, the EC cancer (see Walter Hallsteinn  & Reject the EU )  has been gaining strength and growing since the 1930’s, without the use of (expensive) bullets or bombs; instead it uses the old tried & tested “Divide & Conquer” methods (typically used by Politics and Religion and the Animal Kingdom). It first targets those afflicted with stupidity (idiocy) and those who respond to greed and corruption. The EC is a cancer of the mind, it dupes people into thinking that Freedom, Independence and democracy are bad. It poisons the mind into thinking that pride in ones country is bad and we (The countries of Europe) should all unite and be assimilated into one big glob where countries lose their identity and become a “member state” and the EC is the “God”. The likes of Soros and the Rothchilds refer to this as the “New World Order”. In reality, the EU is a vehicle to further the EC’s attempt for World Domination. The EC (and it’s shoe (A*se) lickers) are the “invisible enemy” and over the past 50+ years they have conspired with politicians and the establishment(s) to get them to give away our countries Freedom, independence and any form of democracy.

That said, Democracy is an illusion; “the people” might go through democratic procedures but in a democracy “most of” the people come to an agreement (usually by way of elections) and for one reason or another there is rarely (if ever)  an agreement by “most of”. “Most of” would have to be at least 75% and our voting system is broken, it is designed for a 2 horse race and we never get anything close to 75% of the votes in agreement, which means that the Gov is never elected “by the people for the people”. Minorities seem to be the order of the day but the largest minority group (the individual) is rarely, if ever, given any credence!

The EU is basically a shop window dressing with lots of (perceived ) benefits that fool those of a certain mindset but in really it is a cesspit of greed and corruption, we are not a United Europe, the EU is a Union that has been forced upon us; by the use of greed and corruption The main thing each European country has in common is probably a small percentage of super rich and an unacceptable percentage of poverty stricken. The EC is basically a “protection racket”, where each country (member state) pays in (to the club) so it can be allowed to be relieved of large amounts of money (although some initially get back more than they pay in)! The EP (European Parliament) was created to give the illusion of democracy but in reality the EC control everything and they have created the ECJ (European Court of Justice) to give credence to their activities but the ECJ are controlled by the EC! The EC Presidents are not elected by “the people” (of Europe), they are “appointed” by a select few, this is not democracy in action! The EC presidents are basically monkeys and their organ grinders are the likes of Soros and the Rothchilds, not forgetting the Bilderberg group.

The EP is redundant, each European country has it’s own parliament and Prime Minister (or equivalent). The only time a EP is needed is when each (European) country doesn’t have an elected parliament / Gov or when the EC decide that each country (member state) doesn’t need it’s own elected Parliament! When the Lisbon treaty comes into full force in 2025, there will be no need for any “member state” (used to be called country) to have a parliament and perhaps no need for an “elected” Prime Minister; the EC will control everything. As the UK have now (in theory) left the EU, this shouldn’t be a problem for the UK.

The EC cancer has spread in all walks of life among the people of Europe and in the UK even the Legal system has been compromised: division being the goal. We can no longer rely on “unbiased” judgements from the “EC loving” law lords, these people need removing from our legal system because they are politically motivated and are no longer neutral. They mould the law to fit in with their biased views.

Throughout history, it can be seen that the wealth of any nation is held by a handful of people (the 5% or less) and the wealth is created by the 95%. Those with the most wealth and those that own most of the land* are the ones that decide how the country is run, this has been pretty much standard throughout history and the 95% don’t get a look in. Cromwell did a bit to try to correct this (well before the Industrial Revolution) but he had a different agenda and was as corrupt as those he was tying to dispose! It can be seen that the “great Divide” is nothing new!

*Land ownership is fictitious, the Earth doesn’t have a sales office and the owner of the Earth has yet to be identified !