Windows Defender Rocks

My neighbour caught my attention a few days ago and said he was having problems with his PC. Basically Malwarebytes (Premium) was stopping a few naughties but they kept coming back! I was a bit too busy to do anything so I suggested he got Windows Defender to do an “off-line” scan (This reboots the PC and scans for Malware etc before Windows starts up fully) and get back to me if he was still having problems. In the mean time, I’d forgotten all about it but yesterday  I asked him how he got on and he said “problem sorted, Windows Defender did an off-line scan and removed the bogies”. TBH, that took me back a bit! Windows Defender getting the better of Malwarebytes, no way but in this case it was yes way 🙂 I haven’t used any 3rd party AV products on my main desktop since Windows 8, I’ve just used Windows Defender along with Malwarebytes as a backup and haven’t had any problems.

So there you have it, Windows 10 takes care of itself, including those security updates and it would appear Windows Defender does the job as good as any of the 3rd party AV products and it’s built-in (e.g. Free.) While we’re at it Windows 10 takes care of your backups too and the firewall is very good but not particularly easy to “use”, fortunately most people will be fine with the default settings and won’t need to delve any deeper 🙂

I would still recommend using Malwarebytes as a belt n braces approach but Windows 10 will detect Malwarebytes and will disable “real time protection” on either Windows Defender or Malwarebytes because you don’t need 2 products doing the same job!