Sourceforge HTML5 Speedtest

I’m a big fan of Sourceforge and their open-source software. They have recently released an “Internet Speedtest” so I thought I’d give it a go. You can can do the same by going to Sourceforge and running it from your browser. I decided to compare it to my favourite Speedtest by Ookla, again you can run this from your browser by going to The main difference between the two is that Ookla still use Java and or Flash and these are now yesterdays technologies. We should all now be using HTML5 which makes Java and Flash redundant! I’ve tested both of the speedtest options using 3 different browsers, Firefox (my fav), Edge and Opera, all on a Windows 10 PC. You will probably notice that Ookla and sourceforge are using different criteria and may be surprised that the download speed is a lot lower on the HTML5 test. IMO, the HTML5 test is working more on the “throughput” where the results are aggregated to give a more “realistic” download speed whereas the Oookla test is more of a maximum speed avalable. I think the HTML5 test is probably more realistic. Heres some screenies:-

Opera_Ookla Opera_HTML5 firefox_Ookla Firefox_HTML5 Edge_Ookla Edge_HTML5