Patch Tuesday indeed

Last night (11/ July) was true geeky fun 🙂 I got an update for my Lumia 735 to take it to 15063.483 and that went well, no problems to report. It’s a pity that Insider builds are no longer available for this brilliant device and I’ve had to go on the “Release Preview” to get any updates! It does seem that @Microsoft have abandoned the “Windows Mobile” but there’s something much better on the horizon! “PC in your Pocket” is the way things are going and it ROCKS! Not a “Smartphone” an actual computer (that looks like a Smartphone) that you use a bit like a “Smartphone” when out and about but when back at home / office, you just place it on the desk and it connects to your big screen and keyboard so you can use it just like you do your laptop or desktop. How cool and convenient is that!

Main desktop and laptop (both 64 bit) got the 15063.483 public release too and they went well. No issues to report.

The (32 bit) desktop on (fast) Insider builds went to 16237.1001 and that went well. Some nice new features!
The (32 bit) laptop on (slow) Insider builds is still on 15063.2  (not sure why) and still works fine.

If you want to check out what new features “Windows Insiders” are playing with check out how these guys keep up with all the info is nothing short of amazing.

If you want to help shape @Windows, use the “Feedback hub” (it’s on the Start menu) and/ or become a Windows Insider and join millions who test and give feedback.

@Microsoft seem to be getting away from the “Control Panel” in favour of “Settings” (which doesn’t include all the control panel items) and that might make sense to someone! There is also a definite push towards using “Powershell” and the latest builds replace the the “Command Prompt” with Powershell by default (you can alter that). This might make sense to someone but for a typical home user, this can be a little daunting!

I’m an old fart that prefers the “GUI” option to any “Command line” but as an MCP on several counts, I can use “Powershell” and the “Command line” options but I prefer to “KISS”, so making it hard work to do simple admin tasks is for me; not a step forward. I also use Linux (several flavours) but the boxes are “headless” so I have to use the terminal and command line remotely. GUIs are so much easier and user friendly and you don’t have to remember all the commands!

Powershell, btw, is awesome! The amount of damage you can do is unrivaled 🙂 Seriously, if you get to know how to use it, the stuff you can do is amazing and the actual commands are being sent to the OS (Operating System) directly! It is unfortunately overkill for a typical home user.

If you prefer the “Control panel” type admin, have a look at “GOD MODE” This will give you easy access to just about all the “Admin” tasks that you want. Have fun but try not to break anything 🙂