Mondo Rescue for Linux

Mondo Rescue is free disaster recovery software. It supports Linux and FreeBSD. It’s packaged for multiple distributions. It also supports tapes, disks, USB devices, network and CD/DVD as backup media, multiple filesystems, LVM, software and hardware RAID.

The beauty of Mondo Rescue is being able to create “live” disk images; without having to reboot your Linux PC / Server and is very similar to Macrium Reflect or Acronis for Windows.

To create a live image (after installing Mondo Rescue), just enter mondoarchive in the command line and press enter. I SSH into my server using Putty from a Windows 10 box, after a short wait a sort of GUI appears and basically walks you through the options. The info it needs is basically self explanatory and most default option  can be accepted.

To carry out a re-image, you can either create a bootable USB stick or CD/DVD or you can actually do a “live” re-image. Enter the mondorestore command and take it from there or pop in the bootable USB stick or CD/DVD and reboot, the latter would be more suitable for “system failure” e.g. unable to boot.

I’ve used Mondo Rescue for 2 or 3 years and love the simplicity, I haven’t found a way of repeating the same “job” and storing it as a “job” but it’s very easy to navigate the screens so hey ho.

I’ve recently needed to re-image my CentOS server but seem to have forgotten how to do a bootable USB stick and had to burn the image to a DVD!

I ended up having to reboot the server using the bootable DVD option.

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