Windows current and Insider builds

My last post had me grumbling about it not being easy to find the Admin tools, which used to be accessed either by right-clicking on the start button or from within control panel or of course geeking out totally and entering the relevant *.msc into the run box.
OK. #eggonface time 🙁 Actually @Microsoft haven’t hidden the Admin and other tools, they’re now on the Start menu, you have to scroll all the way down to “W” and all the @Windows stuff is there. Not sure how long that has been the case but I think it must have been like that for several builds and I’ve never noticed – men!

Anyway, I’m enjoying playing with build 16237.1001 and note the fixes. Build 15063.483 “current release” has quite a lot of changes since previous “release” build but I’m still going through them, there are a lot! Check out Cortana 🙂
@Windows just gets better

Check out changewindows for a complete breakdown of new features.