Shopping Geek style

First of all, I have to admit that I don’t like shopping unless I can park close and get what I want and then go! I try to do all my shopping on-line, shopping is meh 🙂 I’m sure other people do something similar to us, in that we have a notepad (paper) stuck on the fridge door and when we know we are running out of beans etc; we stick it on the list. I have for sometime tried to come up with an electronic version of the said “shopping needed” list but pen & paper are very easy to use, even if it is a bit retro 🙂

I have recently had to do most of the grocery shopping and realised that the list on the fridge door isn’t in the order that the aisles are placed in the supermarket so on several occasions I ended up wandering round like a lost dog looking at the list and finding the stuff I wanted – I hate shopping 🙂 Maybe if the various stores published their store layout, it would be easier to prepare a shopping list but I suppose that would be too convenient and people might be tempted to only buy what’s on the list and may not be tempted to buy other offers 🙁 I might be making a mountain out of a molehill because my wife says she only needs to look in the cupboards and make a note of what we need and then do the shopping, she says she does check the list before getting to the checkout to make sure she’s got everything!

Being a geek, I tend to do things in a methodical manner, so having a list in the order I’m going round the store is a sort of must. I’m pretty sure I’m not OCD lol

Anyway, ignoring the notepad on the fridge bit. I decided to see what Apps were available for my Windows 7 phone and I found a few, none of them “perfect” but mostly very good. I decided what I really needed was an App for my PC, so I could use a proper keyboard and have a nice big screen. I found a few but again none “perfect”. My favourite is Listonic This is a web site where you can create a free account and create your shopping lists on-line and then you install the complementary App on your  Windows 7/8 smartphone, or those other non Windows phones 🙂 When you’re going round the store, just click on what you have put in the trolley and it disappears from the list, simples.

It works brilliantly, unfortunately the categories can’t be edited at this time so fine tuning it to get your list in Aisle order is a bit of a challenge. The website is based in Poland but don’t let that put you off. Some of the text is in Polish but most of what you need to know is in English. I actually caught myself going round the supermarket and taking note of the aisle numbers – I need to get out more lol.

Another one that was pretty good was “One shopping List“, this seems to be optimised for using on the phone and is mainly let down (imo) by the desktop App but it’s free and is only in Beta. It works by squirting the lists up to your skydrive.

A really brilliant desktop App version is “Personal Shopper“. Just try it, and see. Unfortunately, the only thing you can do with your lists is to print it or share it by email (the list is in jpg format). I’ve just found out that a complimentary App will be available in a few weeks – awesome.

Finally, another one worth a mention (imo) is “My Personal Shopping List“. This also backs up your lists to your Skydrive but doesn’t have a complimentary App for your phone. Although it works fine on a normal desktop/laptop, it seems to be designed for “Tablet” users. When you have your list ready, you can print it or take your tablet and put the software in “shop” mode and it only then shows your current list. When you have an item in your trolley, you have to select it on the list and drag it to delete.

Thinking I could get an LCD screen for my Raspi and stick that on the fridge door, mmm the mind boggles 🙂

Seasons greetings.