iPad Air 16GB

I’ve had the iPad for a week now, thank you eBuyer, and have played with it a lot! I did a couple of mini reviews on my facebook page so this is basically a round up of the week of use. I had no desire to buy an iPad or other Tablet as I didn’t think I would use it. I’ve got several PCs running Windows 8.1, Windows 8.0, Windows 7, Win XP (still), Ubuntu and even a tablet running Android (2.3) and I have my HTC Radar phone running Windows phone 7, so why would I want an iPad? Well, I actually won this in a competition at eBuyer so I’ve put it through it’s paces and conclude that I can live without it but it’s so convenient having one! It’s so portable and the screen is so easy on the eyes, it’s sort of become like a pet that follows you round everywhere:-) Unlike my Radar that needs charging at least once per day, the iPad seems to last a couple of days before it needs charging and it’s so handy to have around the house, more convenient than a laptop. I think the version with the SIM card would be even more useful and I’d probably use the Radar more as a phone when on the move!

My grandsons (5 & 6) had a lot of fun with it over the weekend, mainly with the “Photo Booth” app. Got a load of pics now of strange looking grandsons 🙂

I’ve been playing with the music stuff and “FileExplorer Free”. Turning out to be not very easy to access my Windows network share to get to some 40GB of MP3s. FileExplorer works quite well and I can access the network share and play the music but no play list. Still good for looking at the files and folders but the you can’t drag them over on to the iPad with the free version.

ITunes Moliplayer, similar to FileExplorer in the way it works but  seems to be mainly for looking a videos. It does connect to my network shares and plays the MP3s but again no playlist option.

My glee at finding that VLC was on the Apps Store was short lived 🙁 I’ve been using VLC on my Windows and Linux boxes for years, I love it! Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work very well on the iPad:-( It does have a nice feature of “WiFi upload” which allows you to put files on to the iPad via a browser and that works very well but I haven’t been able to connect to my network share. I’ll try to install a DNLA or Samba server to see if that makes any difference. I don’t think it’s an issue with Samba as the other 2 apps connect fine, it might be more to do with DNLA, which Apple doesn’t really support but iTunes Moliplayer seems to get round this. After I had used the WiFi upload and got a few MP3s on the iPad, VLC played them quite well but again no playlist. It’s going to need quite a bit more work on it to work like it does on a standard desktop!

Overall, it seems that getting files on to the iPad is not easy and IMO should be a basic facility of the iPad. However, there’s not much of a problem grabbing stuff from the various Cloud services but I prefer to use my own local facilities! Uploading files to the cloud so that I can access them from the iPad (or HTC Radar) is a bit like taking coals to Newcastle. Why would I want to use the (slow) Internet connection when I have a Gigabit LAN with File servers! I suppose I have to accept that the majority of people find the Cloud a welcome solution 🙂

In conclusion, I’m very happy that I have an IPad, even happier that it was free 🙂 It’s a nice bit of kit and I’m sure it will get a lot of use. I’ll be looking at the App store to see if I can find the solution for playing my music from the network share and in the manner that I want to!