Windows 10 is nearly ready, are you?

Windows 10 will be here from July 29th, if you have had the “Windows” icon appear on your task bar (bottom right corner for most people) allowing you to reserve Windows 10; it will come as an update and shouldn’t need any help from you!  The Windows icon in the task bar has identified your PC/Laptop as being compatible so hopefully all should go well. If you haven’t got the Windows icon, you might still be able to upgrade to 10 but more of that later.

Here’s what you NEED to do NOW, no ifs no buts.

1. Backup your PC/Laptop.

2. Uninstall any programs/ Applications that you don’t use.

3. Run a full system virus check.

4. Run a system wide cleaner to remove all the “crud” a.k.a. Crap 🙂

5. Backup your PC/Laptop again, now it’s in a clean state.

On this occasion, I recommend backing up by creating a disk image because it will literally create an image or exact copy of everything on your device. This makes it so easy to restore your device to the condition it was in immediately prior to creating the image but you should note that if your device is full of crud or has any malware, the image will copy these too!

The first image is an insurance because when you start removing unwanted programs and carrying out a system wide de-clutter, there is always the chance that you could break something 🙂

Once you have de-cluttered and made sure you haven’t got any nasties lurking in the background and confirmed all is working well (and hopefully a bit faster), the last backup is the one you need to save but you can save the first backup too if you want.

As the 29th approaches, it will make good sense to create another Disk Image and certainly before you let the upgrade run.

The “tools” you will need for the above are available free for personal use. I highly recommend the following:-

1. Macrium Reflect Free (Disk Image software & more). Childs play to use. Get it from here

2. Malwarebytes Antimalware (scans for nasties). Very easy to use. Get it from here

3 CCleaner (system wide de-clutterer). Very easy to use. Get it from here.

I can do all the above remotely but if you want to DIY and need a bit more info, hop over to I’ll be putting some guidance notes on there under the “self help” section.