CloudFlare for WordPress

The past few weeks I’ve been monitoring brute force attacks on my sites, all attempts to access the WordPress admin have so far failed. I wasn’t too worried as I have several security measures in place such as very strong passwords, an amended .htaccess file and Wordfence. over the past couple of weeks, 2 of my sites have been under relentless attacks lasting anywhere from 12 hours to about 18 hours with several attacks coming from different IP addresses at the same time. To cut a long story short, I got bored looking at the logs and discovered that, (my new hosting facility) provided “CloudFlare” with “CPanel“. I initially thought it was just some sort of speed enhancer, so didn’t look at it much until yesterday. I discovered it is much more than a speed enhancer and provides a lot of additional security, even the free offering. So I decided to enable it for all of my sites from within Cpanel and lo and behold, the attacks on the site that had been hammered for a 14 hour period yesterday; just suddenly stopped! I haven’t had so much as a squeak since about 9pm last night. If you are admin for any WordPress or other sites, I recommend that you at least have a look at Cloudflare! Of course, it could be that the attackers are trying different tactics and are trying to keep under the radar but you should still have a look at Cloudflare and as always keep monitoring your sites for unusual activity.