Secure your WordPress site now for free

Since moving my sites to a new home at a few weeks ago, I’ve had chance to get to know Litespeed (instead of Apache) and must say I’m impressed. I’ve cleared out the dross and now have more or less a clean slate, I’m now concentrating a lot more on keeping my sites secure which seemed to be a bit of a problem with the old VPS solution. All my sites are WordPress “powered” because WordPress rocks! Unfortunately, the “brute force” attacks on WordPress sites is on the rise, mainly from compromised computers and servers but WordPress are on it! They have a free plugin to help protect your site and its called Wordfence. This free plugin is awesome and consists of a Firewall and a very useful feature to monitor log ins to the WP-Admin, if nothing else you really need to install this plugin.

As I’m a “belt n braces” type, I’ve also installed 2 other free plug ins:-

“Login Security Solution” (Daniel Convissor) and

“Login Security” (Tony Archambeau)

Login Security Solutions is a minimum that you should be installing but if you have Wordfence, it sort of duplicates the log in monitoring of Wordfence and you could maybe manage without it but I can tell you that this plug in alone stopped over 1500 attempted log ins over a period of 21 hours of relentless brute force attacks from just a few IP addresses.

Login Security, is very useful for tracking the the IP addresses of all the attempted log ins. If you see an IP address that is making a lot of attempts, there is a facility to block that IP address. It would be good if it was easier to collate these IP addresses and be able to forward to a central repository but it’s a free plug in!

The surprising thing about having these security plug ins installed is that they don’t seem to have any major impact on resources so there really is no real excuse to not install at least one of the above.

I say that if you have a Website, you also have the responsibility of keeping it secure to protect your own stuff and above all to help keep your visitors from getting something nasty from visiting your site! Whatever your reasons for having a Website, remember that the “small penis brigade” get their satisfaction and feeling of manliness from causing problems for others. It’s up to you to make their sad little life as difficult as possible and make them at least WORK for their reward.

As always, if you need help with computers and related technology, feel free to contact me.